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Topic: Security, Matches 3 quotes.



Security never granted

To “subdue the earth,” a person must look mainly to himself and not to others, except as others might offer good counsel or set a good example Most persons are striving to find what they consider security. It has been pointed out:

“People who look to government for ‘security’ are seeking that which has never been granted to human kind. Man was promised his living by the sweat of his brow, and where he wastes his substance he will want in spite of all human devices to render it otherwise. Nowhere in her system does nature offer security to anyone or anything. Nature’s way is the law of change and succession, or replacement and fulfillment; but never the unalterable, the fixed or the guaranteed. It is defeatism in the individuals to seek security in living, a misunderstanding of the function of life itself. It was not so that the pioneers of this land lived, when there were few governments to do things for them. They met the wilderness on its own terms, and pushed it back. Men and women worked together to found their homes, raise their children, and wrest a competence from what the land had to offer them. They helped one another. They had time for worship, and they knew that over man there was God. Our age is a pioneering one, and to eac are offered widening chances of development. It is a neglect of self-improvement to seek security without having earned it, to attempt to reap without having sown. No government can produce what people don’t in themselves create.” (“Security—A Mirage!” Life Line, October 31, 1964.)

A prominent American, in contemplating the subject, gave this advice to young people: “Don’t dream about security; make it for yourself, out of yourself.” He then concluded his thoughts on self-reliance with these words: “Dare to believe in yourself . . . and act accordingly. If you do, both your present and your future are secure.”

Source: Elder Henry D. Taylor
General Conference, April 1968

Topics: Responsibility; Security; Self-Reliance



The real test of the strength of civilization is in the moral capacity of the rank and file of the citizens to give up the pleasures of the present for greater rewards in the future. This quality is the foundation of both moral and spiritual character. The social security of a nation is based on the character of the citizens, not on the amount of material comforts the government may bestow upon them. Hard work and sacrifice make men strong. Ease and gifts from any source are destructive to efficiency, character, and citizenship. Social security is in the character of the citizens and hence must come from within. Social security can not be bestowed from without.

Source: Elder Levi Edgar Young
General Conference, October 1936

Topics: Morality; Security



If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.

Source: Thomas Jefferson

Topics: Education; Security

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