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Topic: Dictatorships, Matches 4 quotes.



Dictatorships in America?

We do not need to go to Europe or to Russia to find absolute dictators. We have them here in America. Probably not as mayors and governors and presidents, but we do have them in organizations in which members have no voice in their own affairs, for fear of reprisals, and in which taxes are levied and dues collected on a compulsory basis.

Each one of us must see to it that we do not become a party to setting up any dictatorships in America, in business or labor or politics or education or in any other walk of life.

Our destiny is to be free. Our religion teaches us to be free. Dictatorships wipe out freedom.

Source: Mark E. Peterson
Church News, 5/9/59

Topics: Dictatorships



The notion of a farseeing and despotic statesman, who can lay down plans for ages yet unborn, is a fancy generated by the pride of the human intellect to which facts give no support.

Source: Walter Bagehot

Topics: Dictatorships



To perpetuate our government, we must cherish and love it. We must preserve a correct and energetic tone of morals. After all, liberty consists more in the habits of the people, than in anything else. There are always men wicked enough to go any length in the pursuit of power, if they can find people enough to support them. Ambition of men to become dictators must be restrained by the public morality. When such men arise, they must find themselves standing alone.

Source: Elder Levi Edgar Young
General Conference, April 1937

Topics: Dictatorships; Morality



Provision Made For Three Branches Of Government

Wisely did our forefathers organize our national institution with three different, distinct departments, each one to be entirely separate from and independent of the other two. These three departments are the Legislative, the Executive and the Judicial. These able and farseeing patriots and statesmen thus made these three separate and distinct departments the cornerstone of our republic and the guarantee that in our land there shall never be a dictator.

Source: Elder Richard R. Lyman
General Conference, October 1940

Topics: Checks and Balances; Dictatorships; Government, Power

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