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Topic: Free Market, Matches 5 quotes.



Free Markets, Free People

The proper aim of economic life is an over-all aim: the use of limited human and material resources in such a way as to serve most effectively the needs and desires of all the people. This aim tends to be achieved automatically in a regime of free markets where the people’s needs and desires can express themselves in price offers to which producers are forced by economic necessity to conform.

When political authority, even with the best of intentions, interferes with this self-regulating flow of goods and services, it sets up chains of cause and effect which it can neither foresee nor control except by constantly widening its authority. The final outcome is a regimented society from which all objective and valid guides to human effort have vanished, along with human freedom.

Source: The Guaranty Survey, March 1956

Topics: Capitalism; Free Market



The Only Route to Personal Security

If the less productive members of a society truly seek security, let them rally to the defense of the freedom of choice and freedom of action of those who work for a living and who are personally productive. Let them voluntarily deal with one another in a marketplace kept free of compulsion. Such voluntary trading directs the instruments of production and the means of economic security into the hands of those most capable of serving all mankind. It promotes mutual respect for life and property. It stimulates every individual to develop his own talents to their maximum productivity. It encourages saving instead of squandering. The free market, and not its displacement by governmental controls, is the only route to the kind of personal security which makes for harmonious social relationships.

Source: Paul L. Poirot

Topics: Free Agency; Free Market



Medium Of Exchange Created

In the beginning, trade was carried on by exchange of commodities, rather than by purchase and sale, with a recognized medium of exchange. In fact, in my time I have been in countries where this was almost the universal custom.

As civilization developed it became apparent that for the convenience of commerce and trade some medium of exchange, with a fixed and recognized ratio of value, must be created; and at a very early date gold and silver were used in the beginning counted by weight, as dust or in bars, as shown in the scripture which I have quoted, when Abraham weighed to Ephron, the son of Zohar, 400 shekels of silver, about $250.00, 3,800 years ago. At a later date minted coins, of specific weight, came into use.

Source: President Anthony W. Ivins
General Conference, April 1932

Topics: Economics; Free Market



Some see private enterprise as a predatory target to be shot, others as a cow to be milked, but few are those who see it as a sturdy horse pulling the wagon.

Source: Winston Churchill

Topics: Free Market



Underlying most arguments against the free market is a lack of belief in freedom itself.

Source: Milton Friedman

Topics: Free Market; Freedom

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