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Topic: US Constitution, Defend, Matches 11 quotes.



What a wonderful thing is this government of ours! How blessed are we that we live under a form of government such as ours. I am one who believes that there is no other form of government in all the world in which “Mormonism,” so-called, could have been established. The religious liberties granted are necessary for the people to live the gospel of Jesus Christ in its fulness. It required just such a form of government as ours. And when I see, as I think I see, the least move upon the part of men claiming to be citizens of this government to destroy the very foundations upon which it stands, to cut from the Constitution of the United States, that which gives and is the bulwark of our liberty, I feel that every man and every woman should lift their voices, if necessary cry aloud, against any such action upon the part of any clique or group of people. I thank God for America. I thank him that I was born under the Stars and Stripes. I thank him for the Constitution of the United States. I thank him for the laws and for the institutions created under the Constitution of the United States; and I shall continue to pray with all the fervor at my command to the overruling God of nations in the world to preserve the Constitution of our country, to preserve our country from those without and from those within: America, the most blessed of all lands in the world.

Source: Elder Reed Smoot
General Conference, October 1924

Topics: America, Heritage; US Constitution, Defend



Indeed I regard these great principles of government as a part of the blessed gospel that God has given to his children, and so we must sustain them. To us is committed the obligation and the opportunity of maintaining these great principles of righteousness in their undiluted truth and beauty. We must conserve them, we must preserve them for the generations to come. America must not fall from the standards of truth and righteousness that underlie the structure of her government.

Source: Elder Stephen L. Richards
General Conference, October 1923

Topics: US Constitution, Defend

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