Chapter 13
Communism—An International Criminal Conspiracy

      Coming to the Western Hemisphere what do we find? The Communist, Godless, insidious Conspiracy is moving forward at a shocking pace. There are very few remaining really anti-communist governments in Latin America. The growing communist infiltration and influence right inside our own continental borders has become alarming. It is particularly alarming to those who know the extent of the problem. And to the great majority of the American people—uninformed as they are—it is not believed. And therein lies the real danger . . . .

      We are at war and we must win the war.(57) It’s time to go on the offensive. Let’s stop helping the enemy. Let’s stop half-measures such as were used in Cuba. Let’s be sure we’re right and then mobilize sufficient strength to win. For a change let’s try victory! . . .

      Ten years ago the American people did not dream [p. 267] that the communist advance was getting so near home as to threaten the very takeover of Central and South America. Yet today you can count on the fingers of one hand all the countries, in the whole continent and subcontinent together, where the Communists do not exercise dominant influences in the governments. Does this concern us as U. S. citizens? Again I say it can happen here. And apparently some American people are ready to accept what ten years ago they would not have considered even possible. Yes, it can—it is—happening here.

      Who would have believed ten years ago that the Supreme Court of the U. S. would have wilfully and disastrously punched large ragged holes in our God-inspired Constitution? Who would have believed the Court would have handed down so many decisions favorable to the Communists and so weakening and destructive of our protection against them, that the Communists themselves would openly declare certain of these decisions to be the greatest victory ever won by the Communists in America.

      Who would have believed 10 years ago that a great patriot and beloved spiritual leader would warn us that a recent decision of our Supreme Court is leading this nation down the road to atheism.

      Who would have believed ten years ago that the Conference of Chief Justices of our state supreme courts would have been so disturbed by this usurpation of power by the Supreme Court as to say things about the Warren-led Supreme Court as harsh as anything that has been said by even the so-called “extreme rightists,” who in reality are real patriots in the spirit of Patrick Henry and the Founding Fathers.

      Who would have believed that Washington politicians would be openly and brazenly sending American wealth in quantities of many billions to aid avowed communists. Or, that the U. S. would be discouraging Soviet satellites from thinking of revolt and advising them to accept their status quo and make the best of their subservient relationship to Moscow without trying to change it.

      Who would have believed ten years ago that the Presidents of the U. S. would be holding futile summit conferences with the murderous Lords of the Kremlin,(58) [p. 268] fraternizing with, and honoring as a guest of this nation, our arch enemy and master murderer of all time, Nikita Khrushchev.

      And who would have imagined that within ten years another President of the U. S. would support and get passed legislation making it the official policy of the U. S. to turn over our own armed forces into the hands of the United Nations, already visibly controlled by the communists and their dependencies. And yet that legislation has been on our statute books since September, 1961. The only question now is how fast the Administration dares to implement it . . . .

      And now a President of the United States has been assassinated by a communist within the borders of the United States. Will a nation in deep mourning rededicate itself to the fight against the Godless communist conspiracy. With cool heads and unwavering confidence and courage let us each do our part to become alerted and in-formed—to fight and defeat this Godless Conspiracy.

      What will the next ten years bring? Careful students of this problem,(59) caused by the communist conspiracy, conclude that at the present rate of communist progress, the struggle will, in 10 years, be over. Communist control, these authorities believe, will be visibly complete [p. 269] everywhere in the world except in North America and will actually be complete here in fact, if not in obvious form. Certainly, they say, by 1973, unless Americans become alerted, informed and take effective anti-communist action, the full scourge of brutal communistic tyranny will be in effect all over the country. This, they say, will include military occupation, concentration camps, tortures, terror and all that is required to enable about 3% of the population to rule the other 97% as slaves. For achieving that “power and glory” throughout the world is, of course, the real purpose of Communism. All else is mere pretense and deception on their part.(60)

      As, and if, we move towards that condition there will be a gradual further loss of our freedom, an increase of the inducements for the acceptance of Communism, and a corresponding increase of the pressures to destroy or remove all opponents and all opposition to the communist advance.

      There will be a further huge expansion of government and of its control over our economy, education, medical services, and every detail of our family and individual lives.

      During such a period, it is reasonable to expect—un-less sufficient brakes are put on the present stampede to the left, we will get exactly what the communist-socialist coalition is planning—the nationalization of insurance, transportation, communications, utilities, banks, farms, housing, hospitals and schools. To take over our schools the educational system will first have been federalized and then prostituted entirely to serving the propaganda needs of the state planners with absolutely no regard for truth, or scholarship or tradition. [p. 270]

      Fantastic you say? Impossible? Not so long ago I personally heard the people of Czechoslovakia, Cuba, Poland, etc., express similar assurances, that the Communist Conspiracy would not take them over. But it did happen. Bondage did come. Freedom was lost.

      No, I do not predict—nor do the experts—that all these tragic things must come to pass within ten years. I do say, however, that such is clearly indicated unless something is done to slow up, stop or reverse present communist progress in this hemisphere and particularly in the United States.

      I expect to continue to pray, speak and act with all my energy, and I hope you do also, to prevent the tragedy in America which has come to many other once free lands. At present, unless we join with those small but determined and knowledgeable patriots,(61) dedicated to preserve our freedom, a cold calculation would show that we will not be able to change the course of the present ominous and shocking trends in our beloved country.

      As I leave the shores of this choice land, it is my hope and prayer that the American people can be awakened sufficiently from their sleep of complacency—that they will become alerted and informed. It is also my hope and prayer that more will join forces with those who are opposing the conspiracy in an effective organization. Words will not stop the communists. We must be neither fatalists nor pessimists. We must be realists, of high character and deep spirituality . . . .

      Seven thousand more human beings just like you and me have been brought under the incredibly brutal rule of a Communist police state, every hour, twenty-four hours of every day, 365 days of every year, for the past eighteen years. And not only is that process not being interrupted in any way. Today the rate of conquest and enslavement is actually increasing. The number of slave labor camps has increased under Khrushchev compared to [p. 271] Stalin. Yet some gullible, fuzzy heads are trying to tell us that the Communists are changing—becoming more cooperative. They might change their strategy but their objective is still to “bury” us. Their deadly conspiracy remains the same.(62)

Now please note that the Communists have never made any of this immense progress by the direct use of force. They have beguiled Chinese into fighting Chinese, Koreans into fighting Koreans, Vietnamese into fighting the French and each other, the Israelis, British and French into fighting Egyptians, and the Algerians into fighting the French. They have even maneuvered Americans into fighting Chinese Communists in Korea, with the Americans’ hands tied behind their backs. But not one Russian regiment has ever taken part in any of this imperialistic advance, except in the suppression of rebellion in already conquered territory, as in Hungary. The Communists have put over these tremendous gains by bluff and bluster, lies and deception, murder, and—above all—by treason within our governments and by diplomatic pressures based on all of these other means. And that lamp of experience certainly should guide us as to what they are up to today. (Blue Book, The John Birch Society, p. 27)

      There are three possible methods by which the Communists might take us over. One would be through a sufficient amount of infiltration and propaganda, to disguise Communism as just another political party.

      The second method would be by fomenting internal civil war in this country, and aiding the communists’ side in that war with all necessary military might.

      The third method would be by a slow insidious infiltration resulting in a takeover without the American people realizing it.

      The Soviets would not attempt military conquest of so powerful and so extensive a country as the United States without availing themselves of a sufficiently strong fifth column in our midst, a fifth column which would provide the sabotage, the false leadership, and the sudden [p. 272] seizures of power and of means of communication, needed to convert the struggle, from the very beginning, into a civil war rather than clear-cut war with an external enemy.

      We can foresee a possibility of the Kremlin taking this gamble in time. In fact, it is clear that the Communists long ago made plans to have this method available, in whole or in part, to whatever extent it might be useful. The trouble in our southern states has been fomented almost entirely by the Communists for this purpose. It has been their plan, gradually carried out over a long period with meticulous cunning, to stir up such bit terness between the whites and blacks in the South that small flames of civil disorder would inevitably result. They could then fan and coalesce these little flames into one great conflagration of civil war, in time, if the need arose.(63)

      The whole slogan of “civil rights” as used to make trouble in the South today, is an exact parallel to the slogan of “Agrarian reform” which they used in China. The pending “civil rights” legislation is, I am convinced, about 10% civil rights and about 90% a further extension of socialistic Federal controls. It is part of the pattern for the Communist takeover of America. “The whole civil rights” program and slogan in America today is just as phony as were the “Agrarian reform” program and slogan of the Communists in China 20 years ago.

      But the third method is far more in accordance with Lenin’s long-range strategy. It is one which they are clearly relying on most heavily. And this is taking us over by a process so gradual and insidious that Soviet rule is slipped over so far on the American people, before they ever realize it is happening, that they can no longer resist the Communist conspiracy as free citizens, but can resist [p. 273] the Communist tyranny only by themselves becoming conspirators against established government. The process in that direction is going on right now, gradually but surely and with ever-increasing spread and speed.(64)

      A part of that plan, of course, is to induce the gradual surrender of American sovereignty, piece by piece and step by step, to various international organizations.

      Communism is not a political party, nor a military organization, nor an idealogical crusade, nor a rebirth of Russian imperialist ambition, though it comprises and uses all of these. Communism, in its unmistakeable reality, is wholly a conspiracy, a gigantic conspiracy to enslave mankind; an increasingly successful conspiracy, controlled by determined, cunning and utterly ruthless gangsters, willing to use any means to achieve its end.(65)

      Today as never before, America has need for men and women who possess the moral strength and courage of our forefathers—modern-day patriots, with pride in our country and faith in freedom.

What we desperately need today is patriotism founded on a real understanding of the American ideal—a dedicated belief in our principles of freedom and a determination to perpetuate America’s heritage . . . . There must be in America, a rebirth of the spirit of Valley Forge . . . . (J. Edgar Hoover, Feb. 22, 1962)

      We are losing, rapidly losing, a cold war in which our freedom, our country, and our very existence are at stake. And while we do not seem to know we are losing this war, you can be sure the Communists do. They realize it fully [p. 274] and they are jubilant with their success.(66) There is just one thing—only one thing in the whole world—which the Communists fear today. It is that, despite their tremendous influence in our government and over all of our means of mass communication, they fear that the American people will wake up too soon to what has really been happening and what is now happening right under their very noses.

      The only thing which can possibly stop the Communists is for the American people to learn the truth in time—to become alerted and informed.(67)

      There are some seven hundred million non-Russians, non-Communists now living daily lives of virtual slavery behind the Iron Curtain, some forty million of them in the slave labor camps of Russia and Red China. These good people only a dozen years ago, or much less, enjoyed practically the same personal freedoms as do you and I today. These people now say to each other, but above all to themselves: “If I had only known! If I had only believed! If I had only been alert and informed!”

      This is a world-wide battle, the first of its kind in history, between light and darkness, between freedom and slavery, between the spirit of Christianity and the spirit of anti- Christ for the souls and bodies of men.(68) Let’s win that battle by alertness, by determination, by [p. 275] courage, by an energizing realization of the danger, if we can; but let’s win it even with our lives, if the time comes when we must. (Ezra Taft Benson, 12/13/ 63)

      An Internal Threat Today. In leaving for Europe, I cannot help but feel a deep sense of anxiety for this great land of America which has just passed through a terrible crisis. To have the President of the United States suddenly torn from his high office by the violent hand of an assassin was an insidious and dastardly act which struck at the very foundation of our Republic.

      All of us felt the impact of it. All of us caught the ominous spirit of tragedy and sorrow which accompanied it. Each of us sensed in a very personal way the heartbreak which had come to the Kennedy family. But after the services and burial were over, we also realized something else. There was the cold, stark reality that the accused assassin’s murder of President Kennedy was just one more monstrous treachery in the long list of crimes against humanity which have been inspired down through the years by the Godless philosophy of Communism. It was Communism that sowed the seeds of treason in the mind of President Kennedy’s accused assassin. This is something which must not be forgotten.(69)

      In fact, this harsh historical fact should have served as a shock therapy to that segment of our population who like to call themselves “liberals”. America is big enough to make room for many different kinds of thinking, but [p. 276] many liberals have claimed to see virtues in socialism and communism which I, for one, have not been able to find.(70) To promote their ideas, American liberals have become a highly organized, hard-core establishment in the United States and they have been excusing their appeasement and coddling of Communism on the ground that they were being “tolerant,” “broadminded,” and “working for peace.”(71)

      But the assassination of President Kennedy should have jolted them into a realization that they have been pampering, protecting and promoting the very nest of serpents which produced Lee Harvey Oswald. The diabolical spirit of murder and violence which struck down the President is that same spirit of Communist violence which has been allowed to spread its terror into the heart of every continent on the face of the earth. Perhaps those who have been apologists for this conquering Marxist socialist-communist movement might now agree to reconsider the fatal delusion they have been following.

      Two additional things happened in connection with this recent tragedy which are worthy of comment. First was the speed with which the Communist leaders spread the word that the slaying of the President must have been the work of American conservatives. Moscow had conducted a three-year propaganda campaign to make American conservatives look like hysterical fanatics. It has called them “rightists,” “extremists,”(72) and even “fascists.” Within an hour after the assassination, and before [p. 277] Oswald was captured, Moscow was assuring the world that this crime was a product of the “rightist” movement in the United States.

      The second thing which happened was the amazing rapidity with which American liberals took up the Moscow line. They too were quick to fix the blame even though there hadn’t been the slightest hint as to who had committed the crime. I wonder what would have happened if Oswald had not been captured and identified as an active Communist who was in direct contact with Party headquarters in New York City?(73) Undoubtedly the liberal element would be blaming this tragedy on conservative Americans to this day.

      And even after Oswald was captured and identified as a Moscow-associated Communist there were those who insisted that any who had opposed the President during his term of high office was guilty of that same “spirit of hate” as that which led to the President’s death.(74) This line of thinking was expressed by a number of prominent [p. 278] persons through the press, radio and T.V. To me it was incomprehensible.

      To equate Oswald’s hate and homicidal bitterness with patriotic Americans who happened to oppose some of the policies of the President’s administration was the height of distorted and fallacious thinking. The American people can respect their President, pray for their President, even have a strong affection for him, and still have an honest difference of opinion as to the merits of some of his program.

      Another recent development has been the call for national unity. I believe there needs to be a unity in our land. But it must not be blind, senseless, irresponsible unity. It should not be unity just for the sake of unity. It needs to be a unity built on sound principles.

      We Americans have strayed far from sound principles—morally, constitutionally, and historically. It been getting us into a quagmire of trouble all over the world, and especially here at home.

      Americans at the grass roots level have sensed that their way of life is being threatened. During the last several years there has been a rising tide of resistance to the prevailing political trend. Compromises with Communism abroad and flirtations with socialism at home have stirred up opposition in both political parties. And Congress has reflected this opposition. If this has led to disunity then by all means let us return to a program of sound constitutional principles on which we can unite.

      There would be no virtue in calling for unity to support certain legislation if the majority of Americans are opposed to it. And the fact that both Democrats and Republicans in Congress have been resisting certain legislation shows that the executive branch of the government has gotten out of step with the people . . . .

      In other words, there are some legitimate functions and services which the Federal Government can and should provide, but those who want the Federal power to exceed the authority delegated to it by the Constitution will be resisted both by Democrats and Republicans. This is what has been happening. And anyone who tries to [p. 279] equate this love of Constitutional principles as meaning hatred of our national leaders is using Goebbels-styled deception. History has already demonstrated that conservative opposition to national leaders was not “hate” but an attempt to do them a favor.

      Let me give you some examples:

      Was it “hate” when General Albert C. Wedemeyer pleaded with General Marshall and President Truman to reverse their policy before they lost China?

      Was it “hate” when Whittaker Chambers tried to warn President Roosevelt in 1939 that Alger Hiss had been giving the Soviet Union more espionage data than any other member of the Washington spy network?

      Was it “hate” when J. Edgar Hoover tried to warn President Truman that Harry Dexter White was a member of the Soviet spy apparatus and was doing great danger to the nation as Asst.-Secretary of the Treasury.

      Was it “hate” when I went to the Secretary of State under President Eisenhower and pleaded with him not to support the Communist Fidel Castro?

      Was it “hate” when the Democratic Senator from Connecticut, Thomas Dodd, pleaded for 2 years with the President not to support the United Nations blood-bath against the free people of Katanga?

      This list of acts by well-meaning citizens who wanted to prevent their Presidents from making serious mistakes could be extended at length. But they would all illustrate the same point. History will show that many terrible mistakes occurred because the advice of these well-informed and well-meaning citizens was not heeded.(75) [p. 280]

      Therefore, I repeat, this kind of resistance to a national leader is rooted in love and respect, not hate. Regardless of which political party is in power, you do not want to see your President make a serious blunder. You don’t want him to lose China. You don’t want him to allow the enemy agents to make fools of us . You don’t want him to lose Cuba. You don’t want him to suffer the humiliation of a “Bay of Pigs disaster,” or allow a Soviet Gibraltor to be built 90 miles from our shores.

      Every one of those events which have been so disastrous and which have destroyed freedom for hundreds of millions of our allies, could have been prevented.(76) And the voice of those who tried to warn Washington of what was coming cannot be attributed to hate. It has been out of love for our country and respect for our leaders that the voice of warning has been raised.

      What causes one to wonder is why these warnings were not carefully considered and acted upon. Why is it that men in high places in Government, regardless of party have been deceived. I am convinced that a major part of the cause can be justly laid at the door of the Socialist-Communist Conspiracy which is led by masters of deceit who deceive the very elect. J. Edgar Hoover put it well when he said, “I would have no fears if more Americans possessed the zeal, the fervor, the persistence, and the industry to learn about this menace of Red fascism. I do fear for the liberal and progressive who has been hoodwinked and duped into joining hands with the Communists.”(77) [Menace of Communism, p. 11] [p. 281]

      Therefore, let those who call for unity and the elimination of hate be sure they are not merely trying to silence the friends of freedom. These are they who respect their leaders and resist them only when it is felt they are headed for a catastrophe. What patriotic American would wish to stand silent if he saw his President verging on a blunder because of bad advice or a mistaken judgment of the facts? . . .

      Recently, however, a critic from Washington claimed that a person who serves in a Church capacity should not comment on such matters. He charged that the separation of Church and State requires that Church officials restrict their attention to the affairs of the Church.

      I, of course, also believe that the institutions of Church and State should be separated, but I do not agree that spiritual leaders cannot comment on basic issues which involve the very foundation of American liberty. In fact, if this were true, we would have to throw away a substantial part of the Bible. Speaking out against immoral or unjust actions of political leaders has been the burden of prophets and disciples of God from time immemorial. It was for this very reason that many of them were persecuted. Some of them were stoned, some of them were burned, many were imprisoned. Nevertheless, it was their God-given task to speak up. It is certainly no different today.(78)

      To Moses God said” “. . . proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof.” (Lev. 25:10) [p. 282] To modern men God has said: The Constitution “should be maintained for the rights and protection of all flesh . . . .” (D&C 101:77)

      Is the Constitution being maintained or is it in jeopardy? Senator J. William Fulbright of Arkansas says the American Constitution is nothing more than a product of an 18th Century agrarian society. It is now obsolete, he claims. Senator Joseph S. Clark of Pennsylvania says the separation of powers with its checks and balances must be curtailed because they keep the President from making quick and decisive decisions. Gus Hall, head of the Communist Party, USA, agrees with these two Senators and demands that there should be a new Federal Charter eliminating states’ rights. America’s national sovereignty should be abandoned, according to Walt Rostow, Chairman of the State Department Policy Planning Board. He has boldly demanded “an end of nationhood as it has been historically defined.” (Quoted in the extension of remarks of Senator Strom Thurmond, Congressional Record, June 6, 1963, pp. A3662-3) . . .

      Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr., is another powerful influence in Washington and a presidential advisor. He not only advocates socialism for the United States but believes that we could eventually form a permanent alliance with Communism. He says this would be achieved by having America move to the left while the Communists move to the right. We would then meet at the vital center of the socialist-left. The American Constitution, of course, would automatically be discarded.

      Arthur Schlesinger and his associates are also opposed to the liberation of the captive nations, even if these nations do it by themselves. These men do not look upon Communism as an enemy. They consider Communist leaders to be over-zealous allies who will mellow. Therefore, they believe in containing Communism, but otherwise supporting it, not thwarting it. They further recommend that wherever Communist or Socialist regimes are collapsing, we should prop them up, feed them, trade with them, grant them loans on long term credits.(79) [p. 283]

      From reading the daily paper you will know that the ideas of these men have already been adopted by Washington as the official policy of the United States.(80)

      Now, I would say that in a great free country like ours, if these men advocate these suicidal and often treasonable doctrines,(81) shouldn’t every patriotic American be free to speak out against them?

      At this particular moment in history the United States Constitution is definitely threatened and every citizen should know about it. The warning of this hour should resound through the corridors of every American institution—schools, churches, the halls of Congress, press, radio, and T.V., and so far as I am concerned it will re-sound—with God’s help.

      Wherever possible I have tried to speak out. It is for this very reason that certain people in Washington have bitterly criticized me. They don’t want people to hear the message. It embarrasses them. The things which are destroying the Constitution are the things they have been voting for. They are afraid of their political careers if these facts are pointed out. They therefore try to silence any who carry the message—anyone who will stand up and be counted.

      But these liberal politicians are not the only ones [p. 284] who are trying to silence the warning voice of American patriots. Moscow is equally alarmed. It was in 1960 when the Communist leaders first decided to do something drastic about the rising tide of patriotism in the United States. The loss of Cuba to the Soviet Union had alerted Americans. Citizens were holding study groups, seminars and freedom schools. The more they studied the more they realized how fast Communism was advancing on all fronts. They also learned to their amazement that Washington politicians were doing practically nothing about it. In fact, in many cases they were doing things to promote Communism. So the protests began to pour into the national capitol from every state in the union. All over America there was an awakening.

      The Soviet leaders knew this trend could create a crisis for Communism, not only in the United States but elsewhere. Therefore, they called together Communist delegates from 81 countries and held a meeting in Moscow. In December, 1960, just three years ago—this Communist convention issued an edict that the rising tide of patriotism and anti- Communism must be smashed, especially in the United States. All the tricks of hate propaganda and smear tactics were to be unleashed on the heads of American patriots.(82)

      Now, if the Communists had been forced to do this job themselves, it would have been an utter failure. Americans would have simply closed ranks and united. But what mixes up so many people was the fact that the [p. 285] attack on patriotism and the smear of the anti-Communist movement did not come in the name of Moscow. It came in the name of influential Americans who espoused the Socialist-Communist line.(83) This was a minority bloc of American liberals who formed a propaganda coalition with the Communists. Their strategy was ingenious. Almost overnight they drew the line of fire away from the Communist Conspiracy and focused the heat of the attack on the patriots.(84)

      How did they do it? They did it by saying that THEY were against the Communists but ALSO against the anti-Communists. They said one was as bad as the other. Now what kind of logic was this? What if we had taken this approach in the fight against Nazism? Informed patriots recognized it as confusion compounded by delusion. In any event, this deceptive line of propaganda had its impact. These liberal voices would denounce Communism and then turn right around and parrot the Communist line. They claimed they were anti-Communist, but spent most of their time fighting those who were really effective anti-Communists.(85)

      As I asked some of them at the time, “Are you fighting the Communists or not? You claim to be fighting the fire, but you spend nearly all of your time fighting the [p. 286] firemen!”(86)

      By 1962 these American liberals had almost completely neutralized the resurgence of American patriotism. They had frightened uninformed citizens away from study groups and patriotic rallies. They had made it popular to call patriotism a “controversial” subject which should not be discussed in school assemblies or churches.(87)

      From Washington, D. C., the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) issued an edict to radio and television stations that if they allowed the controversial subjects of “ Americanism,” “ Anti - Communism,” or “States Rights” to be discussed on their stations they would be required to give equal time, free of charge, to anyone wishing to present an opposite view. Can you imagine this happening in a free country? I said to my family, “It is fantastic that anything like this could have happened in America.” [p. 287]

      We should all be opposed to Socialistic-Communism for it is our mortal and spiritual enemy. But the reason many liberals don’t want the American people to form study groups to really understand and then fight Socialistic-Communism is that once the American people get the facts they will begin to realize that much of what these liberals advocate is actually helping the enemy.(88)

      The liberals hope you’ll believe them when they tell you how anti-Communist they are. But they become alarmed if you really inform yourself on the subject of Socialistic- Communism. For after you inform yourself you might begin to study the liberal voting record. And this study would show you how much the liberals are giving aid and comfort to the enemy and how much the liberals are actually leading America towards socialism itself. Communism is just another form of Socialism, as is Fascism.(89)

      So, now you can see the picture. These liberals want you to know how much they are doing for you—with your tax money of course. But they don’t want you to realize that the path they are pursuing is Socialistic and that Socialism is the same as Communism in its ultimate effect on our liberties. When you point this out, they want to shut you up—they accuse you of maligning them, of casting aspersions, of being political. No matter whether they label their bottle as liberalism, progressivism, or social reform—I know the contents of the bottle is poison to this Republic and I’m going to call it poison.(90)

      We do not need to question the motives of these [p. 288] liberals. They could be most sincere. But sincerity or supposed benevolence or even cleverness is not the question. The question is: “Are we going to save this country from the hands of the enemy and the deceived?”

      As J. Edgar Hoover said:

A tragedy of the past generation in the United States is that so many persons, including high-ranking statesmen, public officials, educators, ministers of the Gospel, professional men, have been duped into helping communism. Communist leaders have proclaimed that Communism must be partly built with noncommunist hands, and this, to a large extent, is true. (Masters of Deceit, p. 93)

We cannot defeat Communism with Socialism, nor with secularism, nor with pacifism, nor with appeasement or accommodation. We can only defeat Communism with true Americanism. (Address, Oct. 9, 1962)

      So from the very beginning of this Moscow campaign, to stop the anti-Communist movement in this country, it was an important part of the Communist strategy to get their liberal American friends to carry out an attack against patriotic organizations. Of course, the Communists have learned not to attack all patriotic groups at once. Their strategy is to focus on just one organization and make it so detestable and ugly in the public mind that they can hold it up as sort of a tar-baby and then use it to smear all other individuals or groups in the same category.(91) [p. 289]

      It was interesting to see just where the Communists would begin, which organization would be singled out to get the tar brush treatment. It could have been the American Farm Bureau which the Communists have consistently denounced. It could have been the American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, the DAR, or the Sons of the American Revolution. These have been favorite Communist targets in the past as had J. Edgar Hoover and the F.B.I.(92)

      As it turned out, it was none of these. Instead, the Communists chose to focus their attack on a fairly new organization which very few people had heard about, including myself. They decided to level practically their entire arsenal on the John Birch Society, for the nonpolitical Birch Society had within it, both the policy, the program and the personnel to help defeat the Conspiracy in this country. And the Communists knew it, for they had seen its results.

      On February 25, 1961, the official Communist paper in California, the People’s World, came out with the opening blast. It said there is a new, secret, Fascist society, which is setting up “cells” all over the United States. They said it was the most serious threat to the American way of life. That was the signal for the bloc of American liberals to take up the torch, and they did. Overnight the patriotic campaign against Communism was almost completely forgotten as the liberal vigilantes heroically rode out in full force to save the country from the “terrible Birchers.”

      Not only the ultra-liberal forces rallied to the battle, but some of the most respected conservative press took up the hue and cry, and many prominent, highly respected Americans also fell for the deceptive line.

      The Communists had intended to confuse the American people, and they did. The tar brush tactics smeared the image of the new, small, but rapidly growing John [p. 290] Birch Society to the point where many people thought it must be a group of Neo-Nazis or a revival of the Klu Klux Klan.

      From the beginning of this attack the John Birch Society pleaded for some kind of official investigation so the truth about them could be given to the public. They believed this was the only way they could counteract the tidal wave of false propaganda which was being heaped upon them. But the investigation was so long in coming that the purposes of the Communist-Liberal coalition were completely accomplished.

      It will probably be a long time before the official report on the John Birch Society gets an honest hearing. This investigation was conducted by trained investigators who were working for the California Senate Fact-Finding Committee on Un-American Activities. The investigation took two years. Sworn affidavits were obtained from scores of people. The attacks on the Society were studied. Interviews were conducted with detractors and supporters of the Society. Undetected investigators attended Birch meetings. The Senate Fact-Finding Report was issued in June, 1963.

      But even this report was recklessly distorted by some of the liberal press stories. I, therefore, obtained a copy of the report myself so I could see what was in it. The report is 62 pages long, was signed by all members of the Committee, and was issued by the President Pro Tem of the California Senate, Senator Hugh M. Burns, a Democrat. Here are a few quotes:

. . . the Society . . . had been publicly charged with being a secret, fascist, subversive, un-American, anti-Semitic organization. We have not found any of these accusations to be supported by the evidence. (P. 62)

We find the John Birch Society to be a Right, anti-Communist, fundamentalist organization. It was conceived, organized, and is dominated by Mr. Robert Welch . . . . (P. 61)

We have studied Welch’s life, his business career, educational background, and have read almost everything he wrote—all of his writings in connection with the society. P. 31)

There is no question, as National Review points out, that he has stirred the slumbering spirit of patriotism in [p. 291] thousands of Americans, roused them from lethargy, and changed their apathy into a deep desire to first learn the facts about communism and then implement that knowledge with effective and responsible action. (P. 37)

We believe that the reason the John Birch Society has attracted so many members is that it simply appeared to them to be the most effective, indeed the only, organization through which they could join in a national movement to learn the truth about the Communist menace and then take some positive concerted action to prevent its spread. (P. 61-2) . . .

      This report also goes on to verify what I have already told you, namely, that “The attack against the John Birch Society commenced with an article in the People’s World California Communist paper . . . .” (P. 25)

      Now, in the light of what I have just related, you will understand my feelings when people would ask how I felt about the John Birch Society. Because of the amazingly effective propaganda against them, it has been very unpopular to defend this group. I can remember when it was unpopular to defend my own church. Nevertheless, as soon as I learned what the Communists and liberals were doing to the John Birch Society I felt a deep indignation that this should happen to any nonpolitical, patriotic group of American citizens. I felt it was dishonest, immoral and crass hypocracy. I still feel that way.

      One liberal Congressman attacked the Society, claiming it was “rotten to the core.” Other influential liberals said they objected to the Society’s “methods.” If it was rotten to the core the California Senate Fact-finding investigators couldn’t discover it.

      Some of the finest and best informed Americans I know have endorsed the Society and its program including a number of former F.B.I. agents and officials, counter-spys, intelligence and security officers, etc. Many nationally prominent patriotic Americans serve without pay on its Council. As to its “methods,” the report describes the Society as a study group organization designed to “first learn the facts about Communism and then implement that knowledge with effective and responsible action.” (P. 37) What is wrong with such [p. 292] methods as these? It was Communists and American liberals who objected to these “methods” because they were effective. They turned out to be traditional American methods that I could find no fault with.

      Even in my own Church I found a certain amount of confusion. I heard people say that the LDS Church was opposed to the John Birch Society. This may have come, in part at least, as the result of a statement made by the First Presidency nearly a year ago. However, when President McKay discovered that this statement was being misinterpreted and that certain people were quoting it to prove the LDS Church was opposing the John Birch Society, he authorized a clarifying statement. This statement appeared in the official Church newspaper for March 16, 1963, and says: “The Church is not opposing the John Birch Society or any other organization of like nature,” and “that members of the Church are free to join anti-communist organizations.” The statement also says that only one man, President David O. McKay, speaks for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on matters of policy.

      Just as a matter of interest you may like to know in a few words what the John Birch Society is and what it stands for so that you will have a little better idea why some of us have risen to its defense. Actually what would be better for you to do would be to read some of their literature for yourself. Everything the Birch Society publishes is available to member and non-member alike and their headquarters at Belmont 78, Massachusetts, will be happy to provide this literature including some other free introductory material.

      The Society takes its name from one of the greatest heroes of World War II, Capt. John Birch, who was murdered by the Chinese Communists ten days after the war.

      The Society attempts through an educational and monthly action program to use every legal and moral means practicable to preserve our inspired Constitution. These programs have had a real impact against the Conspiracy. The various programs are purely suggestive and the members are cautioned never to do anything that [p. 293] goes contrary to their conscience and judgment.

      The Society is not a political organization—it never endorses candidates nor contributes to candidates. It encourages its members, whether they be Democrats, Republicans or Independents to study the issues and candidates in the light of our Constitution and the threats to it and then govern themselves accordingly.

      Among other things the Society is for a balanced budget, for the Monroe Doctrine and for letting the states solve their own problems. It is against foreign aid to the Communists, against the Marxist graduated income tax and against the federal government competing with tax paying free enterprise. In a sentence, the John Birch Society believes in less centralized government, more personal responsibility and a better world.

      I do not belong to the John Birch Society, but I have always defended this group, just as I do not belong to, but have defended the American Farm Bureau, the DAR, the American Legion, the Veterans of Foreign Wars and any other patriotic group trying to alert Americans to the Socialist-Communist threat. I have also defended J. Edgar Hoover and the F.B.I.

      When my son, Reed, was invited to be a state coordinator for the John Birch Society, he asked me if he should accept it. I had read the Blue Book and other basic materials of the Society. I had met Mr. Welch and other leaders and members. I had read Mr. Welch’s famous letter which has since been published in book form entitled The Politician.. I knew Reed would be enrolling in an unpopular cause. I also knew he would receive a certain amount of vilification if he took this job. Nevertheless, I told him to go ahead if he thought this was a most effective way to defend the Constitution and fight the Socialist- Communist menace. I would have given him equal encouragement if he had been considering the F.B.I. or any of our national patriotic organizations dedicated to the fight against the Godless Conspiracy which threatens all we hold dear.

      When he joined I expressed my opinion that I was convinced that the John Birch Society was the most effective non-church organization in our fight against [p. 294] creeping Socialism and godless Communism. I also stated that I admired Reed’s courage and applauded his decision.

      Some people have told me this was not good strategy, but I disagree. I feel it is always good strategy to stand up for the right, even when it is unpopular. Perhaps I should say, ESPECIALLY when it is unpopular.

      I had to make this same decision all over again just recently. President David O. McKay received an invitation from former Congressmen John Rousselot, asking that I be authorized to give a patriotic speech at a testimonial dinner for Robert Welch. President McKay after careful consideration told me I should take the talk and that I had his permission and blessing. And so the invitation was accepted.

      This talk was given at the Hollywood Paladium, September 23 of this year. Nearly 2,000 heard my talk that night and 4,000 Kiwanians heard a similar message the following day when I spoke at their annual convention.

      Both talks dealt with the preservation of the Constitution and the need to resist the Communist threat. At the Welch Testimonial dinner I commended the John Birch Society and encouraged them to protect the principles of liberty throughout our land.

      Of course, as all of you know, this talk brought an immediate outcry from some liberal elements in Washington. These voices said that I, as a Church official, had no business speaking at the Robert Welch dinner. They said it was making me “controversial.” Patrick Henry and the Founding Fathers were “controversial,” as true patriots have ever been. Perhaps they did not realize that I had filled this assignment with the full approval of President McKay. And perhaps they did not realize that President McKay has not hesitated to speak out for freedom even if some people have considered such patriotism as “controversial.” And neither will I hesitate. The fight to save the Constitution is not mere controversy, nor the fight against Communism. In fact, it is a war with the devil—Christ versus Anti-Christ—and I am willing to fight it.

      J. Edgar Hoover has warned that the cold war is a [p. 295] real war and that the threat is increasing. I agree, and unfortunately we’re losing the war . . . . (93)

      One of our most serious problems is the inferiority complex which people feel when they are not informed and organized. They dare not make a decision on these vital issues. They let other people think for them. They stumble around in the middle of the road trying to avoid being “controversial” and get hit by traffic going both ways.

      In this mighty struggle each of you has a part. Every person on the earth today chose the right side during the war in heaven. Be on the right side now. Stand up and be counted.(94) If you get discouraged, remember the words of Edward Everett Hale when he said:

I am only one, but I am one
      I can’t do everything, but I can do something.
      What I can do, that I ought to do.
      And what I ought to do
      By the grace of God, I shall do.

(Ezra Taft Benson, 12/19/63)

      A Race Against Time.      We are now—this very day—at war with the Socialist- Communist Conspiracy. This is a point that a lot of people do not seem to realize. They think that just because we are not shooting at each other with bullets that it isn’t a real war. But, we are really at [p. 296] war and we must win this war if we expect to survive as a free people.(95) The following quotations by J. Edgar Hoover point this out clearly:

We are at war with the communists and the sooner every red-blooded American realizes this the safer we will be. . . . We are living in an age of uncertainty—an age of awesome national peril—an age when the struggle between freedom and totalitarian enslavement is drawing toward a climax. (Address, Dec. 7, 1961)

The Communist Party, USA, has been and is engaged in an all-out war against American freedom. Its tactics of confusion, retreat, advance, infiltration, and hypocrisy are in full play. The attack is both legal and illegal, offensive and defensive, open and concealed. Above the surface a gigantic propaganda and agitation campaign is in progress, a campaign that depends for success upon the support of non-communists. (Masters of Deceit, P. 195)

Communists are committed to the destruction of our way of life and dedicated to the establishment of a world Communist society. This conflict with communism is not a struggle of our choosing. But, even though we did not start it, we cannot ignore it. We must win the struggle if freedom is to survive. (A Study of Communism, P. 18)

We are at war with this sinister conspiracy! Every communist today must be considered an enemy, wherever he may be, at home or abroad! A ‘soft’ approach toward the menace of communism can lead only to national disaster! . . . (Address, Oct. 9, 1962)

      The Communists are winning the war and building their empire largely with the help of non-communists—fellow travelers, sympathizers, dupes, liberals, etc.(96)

      Some people foolishly believe that the communists are changing, that they are “mellowing.”(97) This is not true. [p. 297]

Today’s headlines remind us there has been no basic change in Communist imperialism. The danger which world communism presents to the free nations has not abated. If anything, it has increased. (Hoover, A Study of Communism, Foreword)

In our quest for peace, we must never lose sight of the well-documented fact that every Red leader from Marx and Engels through Khrushchev, Mao and the American communist spokesman Gus Hall is dedicated to an ideology which upholds world conquest as its ultimate goal. The communists have never deviated from this objective. (J. Edgar Hoover, Address, Nov. 16, 1963)

      The intellectuals, liberals and dupes are so obsessed with the idea of “academic freedom” that they encourage the use of communist speakers in our colleges, at youth conventions and even high schools. This is a perversion of the true meaning of academic freedom.(98) Again J. Edgar Hoover warns us and expresses his fear in these words: [p. 298]

I do fear so long as school boards and parents tolerate conditions whereby communists and fellow travelers under the guise of academic freedom can teach our youth a way of life that eventually will destroy the sanctity of the home, that undermines faith in God, that causes them to scorn respect for constituted authority and sabotage our revered Constitution. (Menace of Communism, P. 11)

During the past two years, communist spokesmen have appeared on nearly 100 campuses from coast to coast. Their purpose: To create confusion, raise questions and spread doubt among our young people concerning the American way of life. (Address, Nov. 16, 1963)

      They are setting a trap for the nation’s youth. In a masterful address, “Keys to Freedom,” before the Catholic Youth Organization last month, J. Edgar Hoover issued shocking and timely warnings to complacent Americans. He declared:

Today, the communists are engaged in an intensive campaign to control the minds and win the allegiance of American youth. Toward this end, a National Youth Commission has been established within the Communist Party, USA; special publications have been issued; front groups have been organized; and an ambitious speech program has been directed against our colleges and universities . . . .

It is indeed ironic that Communist Party speakers—whose minds and thoughts and actions are in no manner free—should demand the opportunity to parrot the Moscow line to young Americans under the guise of academic freedom!

Academic freedom is not an instrument for the perpetuation of conspiratorial ideologies. Nor is it an agent of self-destruction—a freedom to destroy freedom. As a free-flowing channel of truth and knowledge, academic freedom is not obligated to carry along the silted tributaries of lies and distortions of known communists.

The communists look upon students as potential sympathizers, supporters and contributors to the Party’s cause. Nor are they unmindful of the rich opportunity for infiltration presented by unwary racial and nationality groups.

This is especially true of the intense civil rights movement within the United States—for America’s 20 million Negroes and the countless other citizens who share their objectives in the current struggle are a priority target for communist propaganda and exploitation. Every organization engaged in this struggle must constantly remain alert to this vital fact, for once under communist domination, all freedoms and rights are lost. [p. 299]

      One of the dangerous present-day fallacies is the idea that we can continue with a policy of “Peaceful Coexistence.” Here again Hoover warns us as follows:

Key to the new Soviet strategy is the so-called “peaceful coexistence” policy. It is a broad, psychological tactic cleverly devised by Khrushchev to serve a number of objectives. It is another powerful weapon in the Communist arsenal of deception, a weapon concealed behind an alluring campaign designed to provide a cover for the goal of attaining a worldwide communist society through revolutionary means.

Through the weapon of peaceful coexistence, Soviet Communists are seeking to lull the free world—particularly the United States—into a false sense of security. It is a means of buying time through which they can consolidate past gains while probing for soft spots in the non-Communist world which present opportunities for future expansion. (A Study of Communism, P. 149)

      More is needed than merely to say that we oppose communism. We must aggressively take action to defeat it:

It is the duty of all Americans to fully understand the true import of this threat to our heritage, to expose it, and to combat it with every weapon at our command. (Hoover, Communist Target—Youth, P. 11)

It is not enough to be against communism. We must shed our complacency and aggressively meet this challenge. (Hoover, Address, Feb. 22, 1962)

      As the Ward Teaching Message, July, 1961, stated:

It is the duty of freedom loving people to oppose and resist this evil with all the strength God has given us. If we do not, we stand to lose all we and our forebears have gained through the centuries.

      What is needed is more patriotism—more real “super patriots,” if you will.

A free society depends for its vitality and strength upon the vigor and patriotism of its individual citizens. (Hoover, A Study of Communism, Foreword)

Today, perhaps as never before, America has need for doers of extraordinary deeds, men and women with the moral strength and courage of our forefathers. The smoldering embers of patriotism should be fanned into a flaming spirit of loyalty so that the whole world will know Americans will stand, fight, and die for the dignity of man. (J. Edgar Hoover, FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin, July, 1962)

      The real threat is here at home. The seriousness of [p. 300] the insidious “internal” threat cannot be over emphasized. Again Hoover warns:

The communist threat from without must not blind us to the communist threat from within. The latter is reaching into the very heart of America through its espionage agents and a cunning, defiant, and lawless Communist Party, which is fanatically dedicated to the Marxist cause of world enslavement and destruction of the foundations of our Republic. The Communist Party in this country has attempted to infiltrate and subvert every segment of our society. (Address, Dec. 7, 1961) . . .

      Many people cannot see how this statement by Mr. Hoover can be true, since there are supposedly only about 10,000 or so Party members in this country. Those who doubt Mr. Hoover overlook the fact that for every member of the Communist Conspiracy there are at least ten others willing and eager to do their bidding.(99) In addition to this, the Communists and their fellow travelers move toward key positions by which they can influence many others, just as iron filings move toward a magnet. Also, the Communists, at this stage, do not themselves intend to do much of the actual close-in fighting. Instead, they make use of non-Communists to serve their purposes.(100) Their method of operation is to confuse the issues, divide one group against the other, and thus to conquer. [p. 301]

      The Communist method of confusing the issues is to use pseudo-idealistic and pseudo- moral words and phrases in order to trap the unwary into following their designs.(101) The fisherman knows that he cannot entice a fish to bite upon a raw, steel hook, so he dresses it up with a nice, juicy worm and the poor fish bites. In the same way, the pseudo-moral and pseudo-idealistic expressions trap many innocents so that they will follow out the aims of the Communist Conspirators—for example, the false appeals made by the Communists in the name of “peace”(102) and the “brotherhood of man.” They know full well that Communism has nothing in common with these expressions as we understand them. Yet, they deliberately misuse them in order to deceive.

      This has been the means by which the Communists, throughout the world, have been able to set class against class, religion against religion, race against race and group against group. The Conspiracy so enflames people against one another that they fight among themselves and thus bring about mutual destruction. The Communists then come in and take over . . . .

      If you want the terrifying facts about the Communist use of the Negroes I recommend Manning Johnson’s book, Color, Communism and Common Sense, a reprint by American Opinion Magazine (Belmont 78, Massachusetts). The author, a Negro, was a Communist for ten years and served on the National Committee for the Communist [p. 302] Party here in America and assisted in planning the Conspiracy against his own race.

      Let me pause a moment to point out some pro-communist propaganda which has been widely circulated. It is frequently stated that Communism is on the extreme left and Fascism is on the extreme right. This is absolutely false. It is true that Communism is on the extreme left, but Nazism and Fascism are so closely allied with Communism that J. Edgar Hoover has called Communism, Red Fascism and Nazism, Black Fascism.(103) They are all forms of Socialism. And, as has been pointed out by well-informed people in the West, they are all forms of “GOVERNMENTISM” where the government becomes lord and master and we become serfs and slaves.

      The extreme right wing is composed of the anarchists who believe that people are so good at heart that no government at all is needed. Our forefathers knew that, while most people try to do the right thing, there are a few who run amuck. They, therefore, established our great constitutional Republic—a government of limited powers. They believed that we must have some government but it must be bound down by the chains of our Constitution, so that it will not slip farther and farther over into the realm of “GOVERNMENTISM,” whether it be Communism, Nazism, Fascism, Welfare-Statism or some other form of Socialism . . . .

      Now I want to point out just a few of the ways in which America is tripping down the primrose path. Anyone who is interested and who would care to make a careful study of the subject, will be both amazed and shocked at the progress made by the Marxian Socialists.(104) Their tremendous influence and power can be grasped if we will read the carefully documented book by Dan Smoot, a former F.B.I. administrative supervisor and assistant to J. Edgar Hoover, entitled The Invisible Government. This book shows how the Fabians, operating through many influential organizations, have reached out their tentacles and are throttling free enterprise at the same time they [p. 303] are pyramiding and concentrating immense power in the Federal Government. In this way the advance of Communism is being comforted, aided and abetted by those who are not members of the Communist Conspiracy but who adhere to the same principles.

      Dr. Carew Hunt, a world-wide authority on communist strategy, states:

Yet, where the ends they seek are concerned, Socialism and Communism are virtually interchangeable terms, as anyone who consults the “Oxford English Dictionary” or any standard textbook will discover . . . . Indeed, Lenin’s party continued to call itself “Social Democrat” until the seventh Party Congress of March, 1918, when it substituted the term “Bolshevik” as a protest against the non-revolutionary attitude of the socialist parties of the West.

      President J. Reuben Clark, Jr., expressed his conviction on this point in these significant words:

The paths we are following, if we move forward thereon will inevitably lead us to Socialism or Communism, and these two are as like as two peas in a pod in their ultimate effect upon our liberties. And never forget for one moment that Communism and Socialism are state slavery. World conquest has been, is now, and ever will be its ultimate goal. [CN-9/25/49]

      The communists and fellow travelers have never deviated from this objective. Despite the high pressure campaign they have insidiously directed behind Khrushchev’s phase of “peaceful coexistence,”(105) the communists know that this is simply a propaganda slogan. It is devised to further their own ends by stirring the hopes and emotions of those who seek an end to the turmoil, fear and sorrow that world communism itself created. [p. 304]

      Actions continue to speak louder than words, and certainly the communists have shown no indication of a sincere quest for peace. Here are a few examples. There are many.

      The take-over of Cuba and the establishment of a Communist base and island fortress in America; the ever-constant infiltration of Red Fascists into countries of Central and South America to create a Sovietized Latin America; the increase of espionage activities by Soviet and satellite agents in our country, particularly those who strive to penetrate our government processes from the protection afforded them by diplomatic assignments in New York in the United Nations and in Washington;(106) the frantic efforts of the Communist Party, USA, to subvert our youth; and the intense drive of the Communists operating from concealed positions to wrest control of the movement for Negro rights—does all this indicate a real and sincere desire to live in “peaceful coexistence”?

      To the Socialist-Communist Conspiracy there is no such thing as “peaceful coexistence” except as a tool for further conquest. Their stated objective is to “bury” us.(107)

      Since about the time of Woodrow Wilson, Fabian Socialists have been able to cuddle close to key people in our government and those who exercise influence. I will not take the time to trace their activities through the various administrations since Wilson’s time. I will be content to give you two or three examples approximating that of the Fabian Socialists. [p. 305]

      It may shock you to learn that the first communist cell in government, so far as we know, was organized in the U. S. Department of Agriculture in the 1930's. John Abt was there. It was John Abt whom Oswald, the accused assassin of President Kennedy, requested for his attorney. Harry Dexter White was there. Lee Pressman was there. And Alger Hiss, who was advisor to President Franklin D. Roosevelt at Yalta and Tehran and who was the principal architect and first Secretary General of the United Nations organizing meetings was there also.

      Today, Walt Whitman Rostow, who is the chief planner for the State Department, has expressed a dangerous point of view somewhat like this: We must do everything in our power to avoid irritating and antagonizing the Communists. They are, after all, merely rough and crude Socialists and we must avoid doing anything that would escalate into a war. In fact, what we should do is to help them to develop so that they will mature and outgrow their violent impulses. In this way the Communists will move somewhat over in our direction. At the same time we must move our country over toward the left with more and more socialism until, ultimately, the two will merge. Each country will then give up its armaments and armed forces and place them in the hands of a One-World Government. (See the book, A Proposal: Key to an Effective Foreign Policy, by Walt W. Rostow and Max F. Millikan, Harper, New York, 1957. An outgrowth of the Dartmouth Conference in the fall of 1960 and the Crimea Conference of May 1961, was the pamphlet, Freedom from War, the United States Program for General and Complete Disarmament in a Peaceful World, U. S. State Department [p. 306] Publication No. 7277, Disarmament Series 5, released September, 1961, U. S. Government Printing Office.)

      And Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., former professor of history at Harvard and now high in the councils of government, has said: “There seems no inherent obstacle to the gradual advance of socialism in the U. S. through a series of New Deals,” and, that socialism appears quite practical as a long time proposition.

      In either case the whole tendency is toward more and more GOVERNMENTISM, more and more centralization and less and less individual responsibility and freedom . . . .

      Today it is becoming an increasing handicap, it seems, to one’s career in government for a man or woman to take seriously his pledge of allegiance to our Constitution. Witness the firing of Mr. Otto F. Otepka, because he believed in a higher service—that service to our nation comes above service to any particular department of government.

      The open and covert management of the news in this country is another case, frightening in its implications. One high government official has made the appalling statement to the effect that it is all right for the government to lie to the people if it serves the government’s purpose to lie. Certainly lies can take place by omission as well as by commission.

      At this point I quote a statement by Virgil Jordan:

In these days of fear and confusion, let us remember that the endless repetition of a lie, or the multiplication of an empty promise does not make a truth. Truth is something more than the greatest common denominator of mass ignorance and greed. It is never determined or demonstrated by majorities or pluralities or popular error and appetite. Ultimately, with God’s aid, it always emerges and finally prevails, supreme in its power over the destiny of mankind, and terrible in its retribution for those who deny, defy, or betray it.

      Constantine Brown, in an article in a recent issue of the Congressional Record, told of prominent people who had defected from Communism who now fear they have joined the losing side. They gave two reasons: (1) Communism will win because western leaders (particularly in the United States) do not want to believe that the Soviets [p. 307] are planning to conquer the world. (2) Khrushchev knows that the United States will offer only token opposition to the Soviets’ plan to conquer in Latin America.

      Now the question arises—what can we do to preserve our Constitution, and how can we avoid being misled into doing those things that would actually help to destroy it? During last October Conference [1963] I spoke on the subject “Be not Deceived.” I said there were three keys one could use to avoid deception: first, the scriptures; second, the words of prophets, especially the President of the Church (particularly the living one); and, third, the Holy Ghost . . . .

      Thus, with the scriptures and the words of the prophets for a guideline, it is easier to select our reading—for we need information out of the best books to help us in this fight for freedom. And when it comes to the writings of men, in addition to the tests we have suggested, it is helpful to select the men who have proved most accurate over the years. On this basis may I give to you my own personal recommendation of some reading which will help you in the fight to save our Constitution.

      First, for a number of years President J. Reuben Clark, Jr., served on the board of trustees of the Foundation for Economic Education while he was a member of the First Presidency. President Clark, as you probably know, was an Under Secretary of State and Ambassador to Mexico. He wrote the famous memorandum on the Monroe Doctrine. In 1923 in the Salt Lake Tabernacle he warned us of the Communist-Socialist menace and what it was going to do—and he was right. No one in the Church has shown greater insight regarding our Constitution and the Socialist-Communist threat to it. The Foundation for Economic Education with which he served puts out some of the most enlightening freedom literature available. They also put out a free monthly magazine, entitled The Freeman, which is excellent. They will be happy to send you a free catalog of their literature. May I mention some of the books which they distribute: The Federalist, written by Alexander Hamilton, John Jay and James Madison, three of our inspired founding fathers, explaining why the need of a constitution; The Constitution [p. 308] of the United States, by Mussatti; The Cliches of Socialism; The Mainspring of Human Progress, by Weaver; Economics in One Lesson, by Hazlitt; and The Admiral’s Log, by Admiral Ben Moreell, which book is also on the M.I.A. reading list. The address for the Foundation for Economic Education is simply Irvington-on-Hudson, New York.

      These books and others will show you what America stands for—our free enterprise system—our Constitutional Republic—how we became the world’s greatest power. For first you need to know what America stands for before you can realize what could be a threat to it. For as President McKay has said, the fostering of full economic freedom lies at the base of all our liberties.

      The next thing we must know about is the major enemy to our way of life—Socialistic- Communism.(108) In October Conference, 1959, President McKay admonished us to read what he called an excellent book, The Naked Communist. I agree with the President of the Church. Probably no man in America knows the internal Communist threat better than J. Edgar Hoover—his two books on Communism should be must reading. They are Masters of Deceit, and A Study of Communism. You Can Trust the Communists, by Dr. Fred Schwarz, whom President McKay called a true friend of freedom, is also an enlightening book. The House Committee on Un-American Activities(109) and the Senate Internal Security [p. 309] Subcommittee have both put out instructive information. A list of their publications is available free of charge from the U. S. Superintendent of Documents, Washington 25, D.C.

      Once you get the facts about our American Constitutional Republic and the threats to it—then you are going to want to do something. Certainly those who are organized and have a plan and are dedicated, though they be few, will always defeat the many who are not organized arm have no plan or dedication.(110) The Communists have proved this and the fighters for freedom must realize it too. If, then, you want to have impact through an organization, make sure that organization squares with the scriptures and the prophets and the spirit. Then move forward and use your free agency to accomplish that which is virtuous and praiseworthy and let the devil and his agents and dupes howl.

      Yes, the Fabian Socialists are as busy as bees rolling out the red carpet which leads inevitably to Communism. Faced with this situation our first duty is that of education. Starting with ourselves we must become familiar with the broad outlines of our movement toward destruction. We must, as President McKay has urged, become alerted and informed. After becoming informed ourselves, we must carry the word to all within hearing or seeing range, so that they, too, can become awakened. Take every opportunity to pass sound literature and books around so that your neighbors and their neighbors will awaken before it is too late. We are literally in a race against time and we must take every opportunity to spread the word. [p. 310]

      We must not become confused over side issues. Our enemy is not the Catholic, not the Protestant, not the Negro, not the white man, not the Jew, not the Gentile, not employers, not employees, not the wealthy, not the poor, not the worker, and not the employer. Our mortal enemies are the Satanic Communists and those who prepare the path for them.(111)

      It is not, however, enough to be acquainted with the grave dangers facing these United States. We must also instruct ourselves, and others, in the great spiritual values underlying our Divinely inspired Constitution and our American free-enterprise system.(112) One of the many ways of defeating our enemy is to instruct the people about the eternal verities of our own country. A mind, so enlightened, will reject Marxian-Socialism whether it be in the form of Communism, Nazism, Fascism, Welfare-Statism or some other man-made monstrosity.(113)

      In this time of deadly peril we must choose men and women to represent us in our government who have attained an inner atunement of mind, heart and soul with God. Only these people have anchors firmly rooted and strong enough to withstand the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. They, only, have the inner sense of direction, stability of spirit and firmness of character essential to our survival. [p. 311]

      We must not place in positions of trust cheap opportunists who will sell their souls for a mess of pottage. Rather we should place in public office men and women who place the love of God first in their lives and who, as a consequence, can serve their fellow men with true wisdom.

      Not cheap politicians but statesmen are needed today. Not opportunists but men and women of principle must be demanded by the people. In this time of great stress and danger we must place only those dedicated to the preservation of our Constitution, our American Republic, and responsible freedom under God. “Oh God, give us men with a mandate higher than the ballot box.” (Ezra Taft Benson, BYU, 12/10/63)

      Public Indifference to Communism is National Suicide.      Men today are rapidly classifying themselves into two groups: believers and nonbelievers.

      J. Edgar Hoover, and I quote, says:

There is no place here in America for part-time patriots. This nation is face to face with the greatest danger ever to confront it, a sinister and deadly conspiracy which can be conquered only by an alert, informed citizenry. It is indeed appalling that some members of our society continue to deplore and criticize those who stress the communist danger. Public indifference to this threat is tantamount to national suicide. Lethargy leads only to disaster. Knowledge of the enemy, alertness to the danger, everyday patriotism are the brick and mortar with which we can build an impregnable fortress against communism.

(President David O. McKay, CR-4/62:125)

1.       We are losing so fast that unless we put a very drastic end to it, the question o/ who is winning will be academic in a decade. People today also like to say, ‘This is a hundred-year war.’ Human beings cannot remain in that sort of tenseness for a hundred years, and the Soviet Russia regime knows it. We are being lulled into a feeling that although we are losing, we don’t have to do anything about it because by the time the situation reaches a climax we will be dead. We may be dead, but it won’t be the result of a natural death. I try to avoid phrases such as ‘the clock is nearly striking 12,’ but there are times when they are the best descriptions of a reality, and this is one such time.” (Edward Hunter, Communist Psychological Warfare (Brainwashing), House Committee On Un-American Activities, p. 8)

2.       “Since Hungary, the world should know that communism is not an ideology except as a weapon for conquest. The Red objective against the United States is not the conversion of the American people to communism any more than it was to make true Communists out of the American prisoners of war in Korea. The Communist system is a power system, just as was that of Genghis Khan. We now have the same invading armies, given a new, pious political phraseology, making them hypocritical in a manner that the original hordes never were. The objective of all Communist conquest is simply use for power. They seek to conquer the United States in a manner so that it ‘voluntarily’ falls into the Red orbit. If we have to be conquered by destructive nuclear-age weapons, it will be considered a setback by the Kremlin. Their objective is to make the same use of the American people as they make of the Czechs in the uranium mines in Czechoslovakia, and as they make of the Chinese in the mills of China. We are to become subjects of a ‘New World Order’ for the benefit of a mad little knot of despots in the Kremlin.” (Edward Hunter, Communist Psychological Warfare (Brainwashing), pp. 7-8)

3.       “Why should the American people . . . hold out the guarantees of Constitutional government to men and women who seek to destroy them? Why should not allegiance or subscription to the principles conceived and designed to destroy the Constitution be sternly punished?
      “We do not abandon our homes to the burglars. No more should we tolerate the activities of those who seek to destroy the foundations of our homes and our civilization, Constitutional government. (Salt Lake Tribune, July 8, 1936, and reprinted in the Improvement Era at President Heber J. Grant’s request)

4.       “As a minority group in the United States, the Communist party must also extend its influence above and beyond its own membership. As a highly disciplined and inherently conspiratorial group, the party achieves this goal through a variety of means. These include such tactics as propaganda; demonstrations; appeals for sympathy; operating through front groups; infiltrating and gaining control of non-Communist organizations, with special emphasis on labor unions and youth groups; maintaining an underground, or illegal apparatus; and portraying itself as the champion of numerous popular issues, such as lower taxes, higher wages, shorter working hours, better working conditions, civil rights and civil liberties, and educational and social improvements, all with a wide range of emotional appeal.” (J. Edgar Hoover, A Study of Communism, p. 167)

5.       “The menace of communism is not a simple forthright threat. Instead, it is a conspiracy which can be controlled only through full understanding of the true nature of the conspiracy and the ability to separate truth from propaganda . . . . It is the duty of all Americans to fully understand the true import of this threat to our heritage, to expose it, and to combat it with every weapon at our command. ‘” (J. Edgar Hoover, Communist Target—Youth, House Committee on Un-American Activities, pp. 10-11)

6.       “The ultimate guarantee against Communist encroachment is a deep and abiding awareness on the part of each citizen that freedom is inherently superior to communism. Communists falsely pose the issue as one between communism and capitalism. In reality, the struggle is one between freedom and tyranny. And, when communism is finally defeated, it will not be a victory of capitalism over communism or of the United States and its allies over the Communist bloc. It will be the victory of freedom over tyranny.” (J. Edgar Hoover, A Study of Communism, p. 190)

7.       “Communist morality is highly flexible. It is based on a single premise—anything that promotes progress toward communism is necessarily good, and anything that intereferes with that progress is necessarily bad . . . . Convinced that capitalism is evil, Communists say they are morally justified in using any and all means to bring about its destruction and to establish in its place a world-wide Communist society. Communists completely reject not only the traditional Judaeo-Christian concept of morality, with its objective standards of what is right and what is wrong, but also the very idea itself that there can be any objective standard of morality. By the standards of Communist morality, nothing is absolute, final, or sacred—except communism itself.” (J. Edgar Hoover, A Study of Communism, pp. 48-9)

8.       “The fundamental doctrine of Marxism is that Russia and America are at war; that China and America are at war—not that they could be at war; not that they might be at war; not that they will be at war; but that they are at war. This war is historically declared; it is universal; it encompasses every aspect of society; in it there can be no vestige of truce . . . .
      “The weapons in this warfare are not merely the classical weapons of guns, tanks, bombs, and aircraft. The weapons are universal. Education is a weapon; language is a weapon; trade is a weapon; diplomacy is a weapon; religion is a weapon; cultural interchange is a weapon. The Communists view every act and judge every situation as a part of the class war . . . . This conviction will never be changed in the slightest degree by any action of the Free World.” (Fred Schwarz, You Can Trust The Communists, pp. 3-6)

9.       “The gist of Communism is not scientific, ideological, intellectual, economic, or cultural. It is first, last, and above all, a movement for power—total power over the whole of the world. And Communist theory is a strictly teleological doctrine, designed as subterfuge to make global conquest possible. As Lenin put it: ‘Without revolutionary theory there can be no revolutionary movement.’” (Slobodan M. Draskovich, American Opinion, Oct., 1962, p. 34)

10.       “If the history of communism and our experience in dealing with it have taught us anything, it is that we must view all Communist activities on the international, national, and local levels as different aspects of the total and continuous struggle the Communists are waging to bring about our destruction.
      “. . . . It was their intent then [1917]—and it has been their goal ever since—to establish a world-wide Communist dictatorship by any and all means. The Communists are waging this total struggle against the non- Communist world with a variety of weapons. They are active in all areas of human endeavor with relentless vigor and do not consider themselves bound by any of the traditional moral or legal restraints.” (J. Edgar Hoover, A Study of Communism, p. 182)

11.       “The Senate Internal Security Subcommittee . . . during the past 3 years has been uncovering evidence of extensive Communist penetration in Government. The subcommittee has been impressed by the extent to which the Communists it has exposed were able to move, often with great facility, from one Government agency to another, spinning their web of intrigue and drawing with them in positions of power and influence their confederates and auxiliaries . . . .
      “It is noted that literally scores of agents had penetrated the United States Government, and . . . that except in a few cases, all of these agents, despite the record of their subversion, had escaped punishment and some, in positions of influence, continued to flourish even after their exposure.” (1953, Interlocking Subversion in Government Departments, Senate Internal Security Subcommittee, p. 1)

12.       “When I entered Congress in 1931, I was assigned to the Subcommittee on Radical Aliens of the Committee on Immigration and Naturalization. It was there I learned about the Communists, who numbered approximately ten thousand; ninety-eight percent of whom were aliens. By concerted effort I was able to get a bill through the House of Representatives to deport and exclude Communist aliens. If it had been enacted into law that bill would have nipped the Communist Conspiracy in the bud. The monster would have been choked in its infancy. In the Senate the Liberal Front, led by the elder LaFollette, kept the bill from ever reaching a vote. They knew what they were doing. No amount of persuasion could have been effective. Their minds were made up, and America still suffers from their influence.” (Martin Dies, American Opinion, Feb., 1964, p. 58)

13.       “I frequently hear the question, ‘How can Americans be such dupes?’ First of all, the American Communists are not real Americans. They are hybrids who have become fanatic converts to Communism and have sold their birthright for a mess of pottage. Communism’s greatest appeal is to some of the foreign-born and their offspring, although their propaganda does not flourish among the great majority of foreign-born who come to America seeking freedom and opportunity. We recently reviewed the origins of 5,395 of the leading members of the Communist Party. The results were most interesting. Only 411 were Negroes, but of the remaining 4,984, 4,555 or 91.4% were either of foreign birth, married to persons of foreign birth or born of foreign parents, while 56.5% of the 4,984 traced their origins either from Russia or her satellite countries.” (J. Edgar Hoover, Redbook Magazine, June, 1948)

14.       “The history of the modern Communist movement is a chronicle of treachery and deceit. The pages of that history abound with examples of individual and mass terrorism, broken treaties, infiltration and subversion of non-Communist governments and organizations, full-scale and guerrilla warfare, sabotage, genocide, repression of minor ities, purges, assassinations, slave-labor camps, suppression of religion, the abrogation of individual liberty, and nuclear blackmail. Such are the tactics used by Communists as part of the over-all strategy through which they ultimately hope to communize the world.” (J. Edgar Hoover, A Study of Communism, p. 76)

15.       “The Party’s attack is geared to the wide variety of American life. Communism has something to sell to everybody. And, following this principle, it is the function of mass agitation to exploit all the grievances, hopes, aspirations, prejudices, fears, and ideals of all the special groups that make up our society, social, religious, economic, racial, political. Stir them up. Set one against the other. Divide and conquer. That’s the way to soften up a democracy.” (J. Edgar Hoover, Masters of Deceit, p. 197)

16.       “There are a number of reasons the party leadership does not stress sabotage as a tactical weapon at the present time . . . . Communists have never rejected the use of terror and insurrection, but stress that they must be used when the ‘time is ripe’. At present, the party realizes that it has more to lose by resorting to sabotage prematurely than it could gain by such acts of terror. However, attempts at sabotage will be a major factor in its tactics whenever the Communist Party, USA, believes that an attempt to overthrow the American government might be successful.” (J. Edgar Hoover, A Study of Communism, p. 169)

17.       “In the forty-six years of Communist rule, the USSR has not produced a single invention, gadget, or service which has enhanced man’s life in any way. Not so much as a new safety pin or paper clip has come out of the Soviet Union in forty-six years of ‘dynamic’ progress. Even their celebrated space achievements are so protected from objective scrutiny that they leave serious doubts in many skeptical minds as to their actual existence.” (American Opinion, Sept., 1963, p. 52)

18.       Never in the history of our country have we been confronted with the challenge which the international Communist movement is making today toward world domination. There is a tendency to minimize the internal threat of Communist activity. This tendency can have tragic consequences.’” (J. Edgar Hoover, 1963 FBI Appropriation, p. 48)

19.       “The Communist Party, USA, is a weapon of attack, not only for the day of revolution but for now. To Party leaders each day is a day of preparation and dress rehearsal for the day when they hope to come to power. Noncommunist ranks must be infiltrated, penetrated, and subverted. The success of the communist mission depends on capturing the enemy’s stronghold from within.” (J. Edgar Hoover, Masters of Deceit, p. 191)

20.       “The Communists are not hypocrites. They suffer from paranoic delusions of an intense sincerity. They are so enmeshed in the delusions of Marxism-Leninism that they are beyond the scope of rational argument and conviction. All observed phenomena are interpreted within the framework of their preconceived conclusions. If they were hypocrites, it would be much easier to deal with them. You can make a bargain with a hypocrite; you can scare a hypocrite. When you are dealing with paranoics of highly organized delusional patterns, your sole recourse is to acknowledge and understand these patterns and take appropriate measures to protect yourself against the conduct which results from the delusions.” (Fred Schwarz, You Can Trust the Communists, pp. 7-8)

21.       “The Communists are confronted with this problem: When they conquer the world, they are left with those people who have been brought up in the capitalist environment. They have had their experiences. It has formed their character and personality. Naturally, if you leave the babies and the children with them, they will impress that character and personality upon them, so the Communists are confronted with a problem of what to do with the adults of established character and personality once they have conquered the world.
      “Being thoroughly materialist scientists, they do not hesitate. They say they have no alternative. Naturally, they must dispose of these classes. To them it is not murder. Murder is a bourgeois term which means killing individuals for bad reasons. They are going to kill classes for good reasons . . . . Inherent within the theory of communism is the greatest program of murder, slaughter, and insanity conceivable.” (Fred Schwarz, International Communism, House Committee on Un-American Activities, pp. 4-5)

22.       “First of all, let’s get one thing straight. Let’s get communism in true focus. Communism is total evil. It is all black. There is nothing gray about it. There is nothing good about it. Its ends are evil. Its means to those ends are evil. If, by force of circumstance, Communists are for something right, it is only as an expedient to advance their evil ends.
      “If they occasionally appear in a worthy light, it is because they must make some appeal to human needs and aspirations. When they educate the ignorant, it is to perfect their apparatus of enslavement. When they industrialize, it is to strengthen their capacity for aggression. When they talk peace, it is, just another means of waging war. when they allow long overdue improvements in living conditions, it is evidence that even Communist oppressors must make some concessions to the wishes of the oppressed.
      “There is no evil so appalling that Communists would shrink from it, if it would effectively advance their ends. There is no atrocity so hideous that they would not willingly commit it if it served their purposes.” (Senator Thomas J. Dodd, Freedom and Foreign Policy, p. 14)

23.       “The communists have a savage plan of liquidation for a vanquished America. . . . Under communist domination in America, the first campaign of liquidation would engulf the lawyers, champions of due process of law; newspapermen, whose ageless fight for freedom of expression would have no place under totalitarianism; law enforcement officers, guardians of individual rights; governmental leaders, local, state and national; and everyone failing in the so-called ‘capitalist’ category. Occupations and professions which the communists term ‘useless and parasitic’ would be abolished—clergymen, wholesalers, jobbers, real estate salesmen, stockbrokers, insurance men, advertising specialists, traveling salesmen—the list for purging is endless. No citizen would escape some form of suffering under a communist regime.” (J. Edgar Hoover, FBI Law En forcement Bulletin, March, 1960)

24.       “To say merely that communism is atheistic is to set forth only part of the story. Communism and religion are diametrically opposed. Communism is religion’s deadliest enemy. Coexistence between these forces is possible only to the point at which com munism gains the ascendency. When this happens, religion as a force is promptly rendered impotent.” (J. Edgar Hoover, Columbia Magazine, August, 1961)

25.       “Communist rule is government by power above any law, human or divine. Yet, government is legitimate and genuine only so far as its ruling end is the protection of human freedom . . . . Hence, if we are to assure the future of mankind morally, we must break communist power.” (Strausz-Hupe, Kintner & Possony, A Forward Strategy For America, p. 11)

26.       “I would like to emphasize that the numerical strength of the party as a measuring device for potential dangerousness to our internal security is grossly inaccurate in reflecting the true facts. We should not be lulled into a sense of security simply because the party membership in this country represents a small percentage of our entire population.” (J. Edgar Hoover, 1963 FBI Appropriation, p. 50)

27.       “America has the men and the tools wherewith to fashion the instruments of victory. American society—the open society—has brought forth an idea or order and a style of life that appeal to many peoples. America has loyal allies. The question is thus not one of means or ideas or friends. Specifically, the question is as to whether the people of the U.S. can shake off that chronic apathy which seems to afflict all Western democratic peoples when they think themselves at peace while in fact the aggressor moves stealthily to destroy them.” (Strausz-Hupe, Kintner & Possony, A Forward Strategy For America, p. 9)

28.       “In communism, the party line plays a highly significant and specific role—a vital part in the party’s program for the revolutionary overthrow of our form of government. We, as Americans, should know ‘more about the party line. What is it? How is it formed? How does it operate? As citizens we should know how to understand and interpret the party line—realizing that it is a hypocritical and deceitful technique to hoodwink and beguile us. The great danger today is that the constant reiteration of the party line by Communists—day after day—may cause their demands to be accepted as valid and truthful. The party line, in fact, is the sum total of all party demands at any given time. These demands, whether they are local, national, or international in nature, are designed to promote the Communist revolution.” (J. Edgar Hoover, The Communist Party Line, Senate Internal Security Sub-committee, p. 1)
      “Currently, the Communist Party, U.S.A. is stressing such domestic issues as the racial struggle; the abolition of all internal security programs and of congressional committees investigating communism; and the reduction of military spending with the diversion of such appropriations to a broad program of social welfare projects . . . . On the international level, the party is dutifully echoing Soviet propaganda regarding peaceful coexistence and peaceful competition, disarmament, an end to nuclear testing and increased East-West trade . . . . ” (J. Edgar Hoover, 1965 F.B.I. Appropriation, p. 37-38)

29.       “The word extremism, in the sense that the term is now used, is of fairly recent vintage. It has become popular only toward the end of our generation in which we have witnessed the U.S.A.’s rapid and widely approved plunge into all-out statism. It is strictly a smear word aimed at all the different types of opposition which statism has evoked. All opponents are, in terms of this usage, ‘extremists’ . . . .
      “Extremism, as currently publicized, is aimed almost exclusively at what is called ‘the extreme right” Khruschev, for instance, has not been labeled ‘an extremist’, nor have any of our home folks who sponsor federal urban renewal, or TVA and its extension, or compulsory social security, or foreign aid to socialistic governments, or any of those projects which make up the portfolio of statism. By their own defenseless definitions, none of those sponsors of statism is ‘extremist’. But the leading proponents of statism are, almost without exception, the ones who hurl the epithet ‘extremist’ at those who do not like and react against their attempts at almightiness.” (Leonard E. Read, A Blessing of Extremism, pp. 1- 5)

30.       “The assistance which ex-communists have given to the FBI has been invaluable. Having had their eyes opened to the true nature of the communist conspiracy, many of them have re-evaluated the privileges of American citizenship, have realized the duties inherent in such citizenship, and, through making a full disclosure to the FBI of the in formation they possess, have made contributions of great value to the internal security of this country. The truth of their testimony has been verified by corroborating evidence. Many ex-communists have been tested by vigorous and searching cross-examination, and their opponents have been unable to contradict their testimony.” (J. Edgar Hoover, American Legion Magazine, March, 1954)

31.       “Fronts probably represent the Party’s most successful tactic in capturing non- communist support. Like mass agitation and infiltration, fronts espouse the deceptive Party line (hence the term ‘front’) while actually advancing the real Party line. In this way the Party is able to influence thousands of non-communists, collect large sums of money, and reach the minds, pens, and tongues of many high-ranking and distinguished individuals.” (J. Edgar Hoover, Masters of Deceit, p. 228)

32.       “’Bureaucrats . . . do not give the public unvarnished facts about the conduct of government. They hand out only what they want the public to have. However disastrous the policies of our elected and appointed officials may be, we the people can never really come to grips with the follies, or criminal conduct, or treasonable behavior of our officials, because we can never get the facts about what happened.
      “Instead of a clean-up, we get a cover-up . . . . This condition poses the question of whether we have a republican form of government, or whether we have a bureaucratic oligarchy in which the bureaucrats are responsible to no one except themselves.” (The Dan Smoot Report, 6/10/63)

33.       “If one wants to repulse the onslaughts of the Communists and Socialists and to shield Western civilization from Sovietization, it is not enough to disclose the abortive ness and impropriety of the progressive policies allegedly aiming, at improving the economic conditions of the masses. What is needed is a frontal attack upon the whole web of Marxian, Veblenian and Keynesian fallacies. As long as the syllogisms of these pseudo-philosophies retain their undeserved prestige, the average intellectual will go on blaming capitalism for all the disastrous effects of anti-capitalist schemes and devices.” (Ludwig von Mises, Planning For Freedom, p. 104)

34.       “These greatest enemies of democracy, the most violent reactionaries, are those who have lost faith in the capacity of a free people to manage their own affairs and wish to set up the government as a political and social guardian, running their business and making their decisions for them. This is statism, or Stalinism, no matter who advocates it, and it’s plain treason to freedom.” (Maxwell Anderson, The Freeman, Oct., 1956, p. 14)

35.       “It is the function of the Federal Bureau of Investigation to uncover and compile security information and make it available, without evaluation and without recom mendation, to the proper executive agencies. The Federal Bureau of Investigation cannot expose and cannot force action once it has reported the results of its investigation. This fact is basic in the understanding of the function performed by a congressional committee . . . . There is ample evidence that the Federal Bureau of Investigation and other agencies learned the underlying facts of the Communist conspiracy and time and time again performed their duty and notified the proper administrative agencies of this information.” (Senate Internal Security Subcommittee, Interlocking Subversion in Government Departments, p. 25)

36.       “The psychological warfare of international communism against the United States can only be effective so long as the American people are either apathetic or without complete understanding of the total nature of communism and its methods of operation. It is no surprise, therefore, that when anti-Communist educational activities began to flourish and show signs of catching on around the country, the Communists would commence an all-out counterattack. That counterattack began this year [1961] and has now reached a full crescendo. The counterattack takes the form of anti-anti-communism, and is designed to stamp out each and every effort to alert the American people to the Communist menace.” (Senator Strom Thurmond, Congressional Record, 8/25/61)

37.       For example: “The President is hobbled in his task of leading the American people to concensus and concerted action by the restrictions of power imposed on him by a constitutional system designed for an 18th century agrarian society far removed from the centers of world power.
      “It is imperative that we break out of the intellectual confines of cherished and traditional beliefs and open our minds to the possibility that basic changes in our system may be essential to meet the requirements of the 20th Century . . . .” (Senator J. William Fulbright, July 28, 1961)

38.       “The real danger to our country in these days of crisis does not come from the right side of the political spectrum, but from a direction more closely aligned with Communist objectives. It does not come from military commanders, like Maj. Gen. Edwin A. Walker, who want to make sure their troops and the American people are informed of the true nature of our enemy, but from forces which would deny such instruction. It does not come from patriotic Americans who wish to remain vigilant to the threat of internal Communism and to socialist trends, but from people who would blunt that vigilance . . . .
      “I believe the great threat, the real danger to our nation, to our way of life and to the cause of freedom throughout the world comes from the leftists in our midst . . . . I believe it comes from the muddle-headed “do-gooders” from the intellectual theorists, from the appeasers and the ‘accommodators’, from the professional collaborationists and pacifists. It comes from organizations like the Americans for Democratic Action . . . and the American Civil Liberties Union . . . .” (Senator Barry Goldwater, Saturday Evening Post, 1/20/62)

39.       “The Reds . . . are using ‘rightist” and ‘extreme rightist” as smear words against anti-Communist teachings generally. The new conservative surge in the United States has been accompanied by anti-Communist efforts, mainly along educational lines, to spread information about the real nature of communism. The Reds equate this new conservatism with anticommunism, and equate this with fascism. This lumping together opponents of every description—mild or tough—branding them with some predominantly objectional label, is an old Red tactic . . . . (Senate Internal Security Subcommittee, The New Drive Against the Anti-Communist Program, p. 4)

40.       “I would have no fears if more Americans possessed the zeal, the fervor, the per sistence, and the industry to learn about this menace of Red Fascism. I do fear for the liberal and progressive who has been hoodwinked and duped into joining hands with the Communists. I confess a real apprehension so long as Communists are able to secure ministers of the gospel to promote their evil work and espouse a cause that is alien to the religion of Christ and Judaism. I do fear so long as school boards and parents tolerate conditions whereby Communists and fellow travelers under the guise of academic freedom can teach our youth a way of life that eventually will destroy the sanctity of the home, that undermines faith in God, that causes them to scorn respect for constituted authority, and sabotage our revered Constitution . . . .” (J. Edgar Hoover, Menace of Communism, House Committee on Un-American Activities, pp. 11-12)

41.       “Those who are ignorant of the tactics of ‘psywar’ can guide themselves by a simple, down-to-earth principle. If a policy or project helps the enemy, it is probably against our interests and certainly should be avoided until the balance is brought over to our favor.” (Senate Internal Security Subcommittee, The New Drive Against the Anti-Communist Program, p. 23)

42.       “He who fears criticism is hopeless. Only those who do things are criticized. To hesitate for fear of criticism is cowardly. If our cause is right be not afraid of criticism, advocate it, expound it, and, if need be, fight for it. Critics always have been and always will be, but to the strong minded they are a help rather than a hindrance. Take your part in life’s stage and play your part to the end.” (Thomas Jefferson, quoted in Crossfire, p. 71)

43.       “There is evidence that a foremost objective in the step-by-step advance of the communist conspiracy is to render impotent the investigative powers of the legislature. Communism can exist only in dark areas where its creeping tentacles can fix themselves firmly. Exposed to the light of truth, its strength withers and shrinks. Do you give solid moral support to those members of the legislature who, in properly discharging their duties, uncover cores of subversion and the inevitable periphery of fellow travelers? . . .
      “Communism can exist only where it is protected and hidden. The spotlight of public exposure is the most effective means we have to use in destroying the communist conspiracy. Drag that conspiracy into the light I Tear it apart. Reveal the flaws in its philosophy. Keep the pressure on it. Force it into retreat.
      “Let us have no more sacrifices broken on the wheel of ignorance of this deadly danger. Let us take the offensive against communism! Let us maintain this offensive!” (J. Edgar Hoover, The Lion, Oct., 1957)

44.       “One tried and proven weapon the Communists have used in the past has been ruthless “smear” Congressional committees, patriotic organizations, the FBI and all those who attack subversion and defend American concepts are primary targets. The FBI is proud to have earned from Communists and their fellow travelers the title of arch enemy. The best yardstick of the effectiveness of the fight against communism is the fury of the smear attacks against the fighter—launched and conducted by the Reds. The smear of the FBI is not a new thing, having been a continuing part of Communist effort in America for many years. It would be a sorry day if the FBI should cease to be the target of Communist attacks. We may well be judged by the enemies we make. ‘” (J. Edgar Hoover, Address, June 16, 1959)

45.       “If communism is to be defeated, the task must rest largely upon the theologians and the ministers of the Gospel . . . . In the final analysis, the Communist world view must be met and defeated by the Christian world view.” (J. Edgar Hoover, Christianity Today, 10/10/60)

46.       “America has no place for those timid souls who urge ‘appeasement at any price’ nor those who chant the “better Red than dead” slogan. We need men with a large capacity for moral indignation, men of faith, men of conviction, men with the God-given strength and determination to uphold the cause of democracy. Our freedoms were not won by defeatists—fair-weather patriots who crawl into hiding at the first sign of danger.” (J. Edgar Hoover, 2/22/62)

47.       “Most of the moves our country has been making of late with reference to Castro, Sukarno, Tito, Gomulka, and others, are strengthening and financing communism. We are actually building up this deadly enemy of all that we hold most dear.
      “Apparently we are afraid to do anything that would displease Khrushchev and Mao Tse-tung. We appear to be so afraid of them that we are determined to help them in order to convince them that under no circumstances will we harm them. Does anyone know of a case where anyone ever won a conflict by aiding his opponent?
      “By this soft policy toward communism, we may put off the day of the showdown, but we cannot avoid it. What we can do, and are doing, is to decrease our own strength while building up that of the enemy. When the time comes that we must take our stand, it will be on much weaker ground. We wish every American would read and heed the following words of Winston Churchill:
      “‘Still, if you will not fight for the right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may be even a worse fate. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.’” (Howard E. Kershner, Christian Economics, 6/25/63)

48.       “There is no economic difference between socialism and communism. Both terms, socialism and communism, denote the same system of society’s economic organization, i.e., public control of all the means of production as distinct from private control of the means of production, namely capitalism. The two terms, socialism and communism, are synonyms . . . .
      “Neither do the terms ‘planning’ and ‘welfare state’ as they are used in the language of economists, statesmen, politicians and all other people signify something different from the final goal of socialism and communism. Planning means that the plan of the government should be substituted for the plans of the individual citizens.” (Ludwig von Mises, The Anti-Capitalistic Mentality, p. 63-4)

49.       “Basically, communism pretends to offer all things to all men. Demands for a shorter work day, an end to discrimination of all kinds, aid to farmers, and promotion of higher salaries for teachers are all woven skillfully through the Communist Party line. This approach presents the communists with a two-edged sword. Not only does it offer attractive inducements to people from every walk of life, but it also confuses the public by blending communist aims and purposes with those of legitimate, beneficial groups and organizations.” (J. Edgar Hoover, 10/1/61)

50.       “The way to fight it is to study it, understand it, and discover what can be done about it. This cannot be achieved by dawdling at the spring of knowledge; it can only be accomplished by dipping deeply into thoughtful, reliable, and authoritative sources of information. We must understand our basic American heritage under law, and we must face the Communist menace with deliberation, quiet courage, and knowledge.” (J. Edgar Hoover, 4/1/61)

51.       Communism utilizes four things to recruit the young intellectual. These are: 1. Disenchantment with capitalism. 2. Materialist philosophy. 3. Intellectual pride. 4. Unfulfilled religious need . . . .
      “Communists are not born; they are made.
They are being formed constantly on the campuses of the world. As long as youth is disillusioned, materialistically orientated and spiritually unfulfilled, there will be no dearth of Communist recruits. Herein lies our greatest challenge.” (Fred Schwarz, You Can Trust the Communists, p. 19-35)

52.       “Never a day passes that I do not receive reliable reports on Communist activities in many different parts of the nation. Almost no field of our society is immune to them. In the ranks of the concealed Communists today are labor leaders, educators, publicists, doctors, lawyers, businessmen, and even clergymen . . . . Even the clergy, as I have said, are not without their undercover Reds. The Communists realize that religion is our strongest bulwark against the encroachment of Marxist doctrines, and in some instances are trying to attack Christian faith at its wellsprings by influencing or winning over ordained ministers as recruits to aid the Party.” (J. Edgar Hoover, The American Magazine, Oct., 1954)

53.       “Reckless charges against individuals and false statements about the nature of our life serve the cause of communism by creating disunity among Americans.” (J. Edgar Hoover, A Study of Communism, p. 187)

54.       “The Communists have never aimed at the conversion of great masses of people to Communism.” Their whole concept is that of a small party, compact, mobile, disciplined and dedicated, consisting largely of an intellectual elite. It is the task of this small group to utilize scientifically the social forces that move and direct the masses of the people so that the Communist Party may come to power over them, and impose forcibly the Communist program. The program of Communism, then, is to recruit into the service of the Party great numbers of individuals most of whom are unconscious that they are serving the Communist purpose.’” (Fred Schwarz, You Can Trust the Communists, p. 51)

55.       “The painful truth is that after the war we deliberately consigned a hundred million East Europeans—many of them our steadfast and heroic wartime allies, and millions more in Asia, to the tender mercies of Stalin and his butchers. That was the shabby price we paid, in the national and personal freedoms of others,’ under the delusion that we were buying freedom for ourselves.
      “Thereafter, through weak and foolish policies—by what we did and what we failed to do—we helped put the shackles of communism on the populations of China, half of Indochina, then Cuba, most recently Laos and, there is ample reason to believe, also Algeria.
      “The West, and our country as its leader, cannot slough off a heavy share of responsibility for the fate of the peoples in the Red empire. One country after another we have tossed to the ravening beast in the hope it would be too satiated to eat us. Even at this late date we have not dared face up to the truth that the beast is insatiable.” (Eugene Lyons, 6/28/62)

56.       “I would say, not only do we not do anything to threaten them [the Communists], but we have done quite a bit in the last few years to reassure them. We have reassured them about Cuba, we have reassured them about Berlin, we have expressed our concern almost for their safety and thereby done everything to help the Communists establish and solidify themselves where they now quite illegitimately rule.” (Gerhart Niemeyer, Manion Forum Weekly Broadcast No. 482)

57.       “The point is that the Communists operate under the concept of class struggle, national class conflict, international class warfare; and this struggle, conflict, or warfare never ceases irrespective of whether people are being killed in military battle . . . .
      “War in the sense of firepower exchanges is one band in a whole spectrum of conflict techniques. (Stefan T. Possony, Language As A Communist Weapon, House Committee On Un-American Activities, p. 13)

58.       “We assume that when we go to a conference with the Soviets, [that] very often they are anxious—perhaps for their own reasons, but nevertheless anxious—to further the particular object under discussion for its own sake, and in the end conclude an agreement. Well, the Communists do not think that way at all. To them a conference an international negotiation, is a tactical maneuver and it can be used whether actually there is an agreement at the end of the conference or there is not.
      “You [they] use the conference in order to pressurize the West into some concession. If an agreement must be concluded, it can be broken whenever necessary. You will find that whenever the Soviets come to a conference, they want us to give something. This is beautifully prepared, why it would be advantageous for us to give and why, if we were to give, peace would be assured—for another interim period. The Communists do not even bother to conceal this concept of negotiation.” (Stefan T. Possony, Language As A Communist Weapon, House Committee On Un-American Activities, p. 39)

59.       “Many people accuse me of being irrational because I am spending most of my time reading this Communist material. I must agree that it is entirely irrational—and boring. It is more rational to do something else: go fishing or swimming, or read satisfying literature.
      “The fundamental difficulty is that you have to read Communist pronouncements and writings very carefully. It is not good enough to peruse them superficially. If you do, you will misinterpret and draw false conclusions—usually in the direction of overestimating U. S. security and underestimating Communist singleness of purpose.” (Stefan T. Possony, Analysis of the Khrushchev Speech, Senate Internal Security Subcommittee, p. 3)

60.       “Certainly communism has long since abandoned the idea that somehow or other the world would be magically transformed into a world in which everyone accepted a Communist faith.
      “What the Kremlin leaders are in process of doing now with the use of communism as a basic tool is acquiring power, power in this world at this time by any means, fair or foul, at their disposal . . . .
      “It is not world communism in the sense of a grandiose Utopian communal type of organization and system that the Kremlin leaders hope to achieve. They hope to achieve increasing power—political power, economic power, military power—to the point where they are not, and cannot be, challenged by any other power in the world. All sorts of arrangements with other nations are possible under this type of thinking.” (Robert Lorin Allen, Communist Economic Warfare, House Committee On Un-American Activities, pp. 14-15)

61.       “In the battle for the life of our Nation, to paraphrase one of our great presidents, we must look to those who enter the arena of active struggle; whose faces are stained by dust and sweat and blood; who strive valiantly to overcome temporary obstacles; who, supported by faith, enthusiasm and devotion, assault the enemy stronghold with the sword of patriotism.” (J. Edgar Hoover, Address, June 16, 1959)

62.       “The traditional goal of communism, the conquest of the entire world, is not only reaffirmed but is held far more strongly and hopefully than in the past. It is ‘unthinkable’ that the Communists will abandon their goal of world domination regardless of the price they have to pay. They are willing to pay any price to obtain this objective. . . . Communist strategy has become more sophisticated than it was under Stalin.” (Stefan T. Possony, Analysis of the Khrushchev Speech, Senate Internal Security Subcommittee, p. 11)

63.       “Today, the communists are engaged in a vigorous campaign to divide and weaken America from within. Foremost in this campaign are the Party’s efforts to exploit misunderstandings and capitalize upon areas of dissension and unrest wherever they exist. This is especially true in the intense civil rights movement, for America’s 20 million Negroes and all others engaged in this struggle are a major target for communist propaganda and subversion . . . . What is demonstrable is that some individuals and groups exploit the tension for purposes not confined to the equality of human rights under the Constitution of the United States.” (J. Edgar Hoover, Address, Dec. 4, 1963)

64.       “The Red giant in America is not asleep. For the preservation of our traditional freedoms and for the welfare of our Nation, the citizens of America cannot afford to relax the vigilance which is the price of liberty. The threat of domestic communism within our boundaries is real. Communism can conquer a nation not only through attack but also through attrition—the gradual chipping away at the historic rights and freedoms of the people. If we let our guard down now, we could live to regret our folly for many years.” (J. Edgar Hoover, FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin, April, 1959)

65.       “We must now face the harsh truth that the objectives of communism are being steadily advanced because many of us do not readily recognize the means used to advance them . . . . No one who truly understands what it really is can be taken in by it. Yet the individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists. The American mind simply has not come to a realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst. It rejects even the assumption that human creatures could espouse a philosophy which must ultimately destroy all that is good and decent . . . . Until the American citizen learns for himself the nature of the present menace, communism will continue to be a deadly danger.” (J. Edgar Hoover, The Elks Magazine, Aug., 1956)

66.       “I don’t believe that the Communists have any doubt about their ability to conquer the United States and Western Europe at a price lesser than global thermonuclear war. They are opposed to this war at this moment . . . . For the time being, they are keeping the front in the underdeveloped countries active, in order to gain time and to prepare themselves militarily in optimal fashion for the ultimate showdown. This showdown is inevitable so long as the Communists do not give up their ambition to take over the whole world . . . .
      “But in considering such hesitations, we should be under no illusion that the Communists are not sufficiently hardboiled to make a war decision, even though such a decision appears to be ‘unthinkable’ to many free world leaders. It is unthinkable that the Communists will call off the Communist worm revolution.” (Stefan T. Possony, Analysis of the Khrushchev Speech, Senate Internal Security Subcommittee, P. 35)

67.       “Exactly what is the situation confronting Americans today with relation to communism? We face an immense slave empire whose rulers utilize deceit and duplicity as techniques of government and diplomacy. Under those rulers the slave empire of communism is engaged in absolute and total war on the economic system of the United States. It is striving ceaselessly to capture our markets, destroy our trade, and, through infiltration and subversion, tie up our industrial development at home.
      “Entirely apart from the unrelenting attack on our economic system, international communism is striving to isolate the United States from all other nations of the world.” (J. Edgar Hoover, American Legion Magazine, Nov., 1957)

68.       “Communism, like crime, advances and takes hold because men ignore God. The real danger in communism lies in the fact that it is atheistic and seeks to replace the Supreme Being. Communism is secularism on the march. It is the mortal foe of all the world’s religions which acknowledge the existence of God. Either the faith of Our fathers will triumph or communism will engulf us. In this land of ours the two cannot live side by side . . . . God is truth. Communists hate truth and, therefore, they hate the church . . . . When Communists temporarily and passively tolerate religion, it is for the purpose of furthering communism . . . . Communism denies and destroys every spiritual value. No church and no church member can temporize with it.” (J. Edgar Hoover, The Ideological Fallacies of Communism, P. vi, House Committee on Un-American Activities)

69.       “Whether Marxist or Communist, anyone who behaves in the way in which Oswald behaved, behaves quite clearly out of a fundamental hatred for our society and everything we stand for. It has been said that hatred has guided the hand of the assassin. It has, indeed, only not in the sense in which most people who express this view mean it. It has been the hatred of the one movement in the world that preaches this kind of hatred—namely, the Communist movement.” (Gerhart Niemeyer, Manion Forum Weekly Broadcast No. 482)

70.       “It is true that, on a particular issue, the Communists may be pushing a line which also is the argument of a non-Communist group. To determine the character of this group, the frequency of coincidence supplies the answer: the more often the ‘lines’ coincide, the more closely that group is affiliated with the Communists.” (Stefan T. Possony, Language As A Communist Weapon, House Committee on Un-American Activities, P. 30)

71.       “The phenomenon which I call the pseudo liberal is something quite different [from the front group]. The individuals who belong to this cult are not members of the Communist Party. They even deny any sympathy with communism. But they live in a never-never land. Seemingly ignorant of the existing conspiracy, duped by communist contacts which they are apparently incapable of recognizing, the pseudo liberals constantly take off on intellectual flights that inevitably end on an enticing airstrip planned for them by the communists. Even when the concealed pitfalls on that strip bring each subsequent flight to a disastrous conclusion, the experience apparently holds no lesson. The pseudo liberals flit off eagerly again to a rarefied stratosphere, and, inevitably as before, return to the communist hangar.” (J. Edgar Hoover, The Elks Magazine, Aug., 1956)

72.       “The word ‘extremist’ connotes a rather unpleasant person, who is just a little ‘touched in the head.’ But every sound advance in history has been classified as extremist in its early stages. This is because people must be inspired and dedicated in order to influence the world. The early Christians were considered fanatics and extremists by the Romans because they were willing to risk persecution and horrible death rather than to deny their faith. It was because of their dedication to their beliefs that they were able to influence the world. British Tories considered American patriots extremists. Patrick Henry was an extremist who preferred death to slavery. John Paul Jones was an extremist who said, ‘I have not yet begun to fight.’ “ (Martin Dies, Martin Dies’ Story, P. 199)

73.       “In summary there is not a single indication that the Conspiracy did not plan and carry out the assassination of Kennedy. On the other hand, there is evidence which very strongly suggests that it did . . . when one considers the enormous gains that the Conspiracy could have reaped from the assassination, had it been carried out without mishap, and when one remembers that the Conspiracy had an urgent and even desperate need of precisely such an event, one cannot avoid the conclusion that the weight of probability lies overwhelmingly on the side of the view that the murder was arranged by the Conspiracy as a strategic operation . . . .
      “The identification of the murderer was a near-miracle. If not the result of divine intervention, it was the result of a series of coincidences of the same order as might enable a bum with a dollar in his pocket to enter a casino in Reno and emerge with a thousand.” (Revilo P. Oliver, American Opinion, Feb., 1964, P. 14-24)

74.       “Who are these enemies of our Republic? They are the crime syndicates, the narcotics peddlers, the labor racketeers, the unscrupulous businessmen, the corrupt politicians and all others who blatantly defy the laws of the land. They are the hate- mongers and the false liberals who would subvert our Constitution and undermine our democratic processes in furtherance of their selfish ends. They are the communists and other subversive elements who wave false banners of legitimacy and patriotism while relentlessly plotting to destroy our heritage of freedom.” (J. Edgar Hoover, Address, Nov. 16, 1963)

75.       “All of the revelations of that Committee [the Special House Committee on Un- American Activities], and the subsequent findings of the permanent committee which succeeded it, have established, beyond peradventure of doubt, that the responsibility for our present peril should be placed historically, and officially, at the feet of the American Liberals. It was they who refused to heed the huge mass of evidence collected from Communists, from former Communists, from the minutes of Communist meetings, known official documents and from intelligence sources which the Committee uncovered and made public.
      “Even the most Liberal members of the Committee could not take exception to the overwhelming evidence in most cases. It was the American Liberals who stood up for the Communists when my bill to deport and exclude Communist aliens reached the Senate after passage by the House. Without exception, year in and year out, the American Liberals have defended, protected, encouraged, and aided the Communists, both in the United States and abroad.” (Martin Dies, Martin Dies’ Story, P. 170-1)

76.       “I warn you against declining to assume full moral-historical responsibility for what happened during the last two decades; for, if you do so, you are already a Marxist, and Marxian Communism will have already won in your soul.
      “The only hope, therefore, is to believe, on a basis of truth and not of darkness or sentiment or dogmatism, that nothing of what transpired was inevitable, and that everything could have been prevented or reversed. Only on the basis of radical moral responsibility can you overcome the fatalism of the cosmologists and the determinism of the dialectical materialists.
      “The future will never redeem the past, and we will only pass from one fiasco to another, from one pathetic drift to another, unless in contemplating the past we can put our finger with certainty on such and such an act and such and such a decision and such and such a person, and honestly say that this act or decision or person could have been different and therewith the course of events would have taken a radically different turn.” (Charles Malik, U. S. News & World Report, July 4, 1960)

77.       “‘Let’s infiltrate non-Communist groups. Let them do our work.’ This is today the Communist strategy. They want you, the loyal citizen of the nation, to promote their unholy cause. Sounds fantastic, doesn’t it? But it’s true. That is what they are doing today. Communists are trying to join legitimate organizations—a women’s community club, a youth organization, a parents’ study group. They are working hard, taking an active interest. Why? To gain control of the organization? No. The Communists are few in number, probably one, two or even three. They desire, rather, to influence policy: perhaps elect a ‘favorable’ candidate, determine a policy decision, postpone action on an anti-Communist proposal. In this way, by being ‘inside’ a legitimate organization, they are misguiding many unsuspecting loyal citizens into support of policies fostered by the Communists.” (J. Edgar Hoover, News Release, 4/18/52)

78.       “Great responsibilities rest upon the officers of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter- day Saints. The souls of the children of men are entrusted to their care. They are called shepherds of the flock of Christ, and if the sheep of the flock are injured or destroyed, the blame rests upon the shepherds. They are also called watchmen. They must stand and give warning of the approach of danger. They tell the people to prepare to escape threatened evil. If they are not watchful and vigilant, trouble may fall upon those whom they are appointed to guard and care for.” (George Q. Cannon, Gospel Truth, P. 269)

79.       “Certain facts lead inexorably to one conclusion: the American government is determined to save the Soviet Union from collapse. Note the following paragraph:
      “‘Whether we admit it to ourselves or not, we benefit enormously from the capability of the Soviet police system to keep law and order over the 200-million odd Russians and the many additional millions in the satellite states. The break-up of the Russian Communist empire today would doubtless be conducive to freedom, but would be a good deal more catastrophic for world order than was the break-up of the Austro- Hungarian Empire in 1918 . . . . ’
      “That paragraph is from an article written ‘by Walter Millis. The article was prepared and published (April, 1963) by the Peace Research Institute. It was financed with a grant of tax money made by the Arms Control and Disarmament Agency.” (The Dan Smoot Report, 10/14/63)

80.       “It is the great paradox of American history that the political school responsible for our undoing should continue to govern our country. There is not another such parallel in history. Evidence is accumulating that the Liberal front is picking up where the New Deal front left off, and together they are pushing us toward Socialism and ultimate Communism.” (Martin Dies, Martin Dies” Story, P. 205)

81.       “The courts of the United States have stated the following acts to be treasonable: The use or attempted use of any force or violence against the Government of the United States, or its military or naval forces; the acquisition, use or disposal of any property with knowledge that it is to be, or with intent that it shall be, of assistance to the enemy in their hostilities against the United States; the performance of any act or the publication of statements or information which will give or supply in any way, aid and comfort to the enemies of the United States . . . . ” (Pres. Woodrow Wilson, 4/16/17)

82.       “I have lately been noticing a new, highly coordinated drive go into high gear to tear this anti-Communist movement up by the roots and destroy it . . . . A quick, Red operation is being attempted, like that of a sleight-of-hand artist, to push this administration, the press, and public into a trap that would eliminate the anti-Communist program in the United States . . . .
      “A new ‘psywar’ line that constitutes very clever propaganda is being pushed. The argument is simply that communism is no danger here in the United States, that it’s abroad where the danger lies. They want us to stop paying attention to Communist activities here in America, to drop the alertness and training programs that would enable our public and our troops to avoid Red traps, and to recognize the fact of communism . . . . This isn’t really a new line, any more than coexistence was when it was taken out of the Red ‘bag of tricks’ for use again. But it’s now their major line, and the major danger to us. If the Reds can put it across—and they’ve already achieved some great successes with it—we will have disarmed ourselves in the realm of mind warfare—the war for the mind—right here at home. Our submersion into communism would inevitably follow, unless we were able to awaken from the trance in time.” (1961, Senate Internal Security Subcommittee, The New Drive Against the Anti-Communist Program, P. 2-3)

83.       “I do not mind such attacks. What has been disillusioning is the manner in which they have been able to enlist support often from apparently well-meaning but thoroughly duped persons. Anyone who opposes the American Communist is at once branded as a “disrupter,’ a “Fascist,” a ‘Red baiter.” or a “Hitlerite,” and becomes the object of a systematic campaign of character assassination. This is easily understood because the basic tactics of the Communist Party are deceit and trickery.” (J. Edgar Hoover, Menace of Communism, P. 2)

84.       “Can you recognize the Communist Party line? Do you know how the communists maneuver to get you to do their dirty work? Are you aware of how the concealed com munist, from a vantage point of prominence—whether it be in government, news media, labor unions, churches, or schools—implants his sugared poison which the pseudo-liberal swallows whole, and, with a gullibility impossible to believe, thereafter becomes the unwitting transmission belt for spreading the insidious poison still further?” (J. Edgar Hoover, The Lion, Oct., 1957)

85.       “Now as before, the Communist Party of the United States functions as an outlet of the Soviet fountainhead of international communism. These traitors in our midst are complete slaves of the Kremlin. To lose sight of these stark realities is to invite national disaster. Already the Red propaganda mills have beguiled many unthinking people into a false sense of security. The communist cause is indeed well served by these individuals and the pseudo-liberals engaged in attacking patriotic measures to expose the Red conspiracy.’” (J. Edgar Hoover, FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin, Feb., 1958)

86.       “The species anti-anti-communist may be recognized by these eight distinctive psychological traits: (1) A strong American guilt complex. (2) A conviction that, while communism is undesirable, the real enemy to be fought is militant anti-communism. (3) Extreme deference to the views of Prime Minister Nehru of India and other uncommitted neutralists in the world struggle. (4) An impulse to lean heavily, in difficult situations, on the weak reed, the United Nations. (5) A tendency to minimize the Soviet threat to American security and to amnesia about the Soviet international record of annexations and broken treaties. (6) Pathological fear of losing alleged friends in Europe and Asia by any strong clearcut action against Soviet or Red Chinese aggression. (7) Belief that the American taxpayer owes a living to the ‘underprivileged’ nations of the world. (8) Conviction that no arguments apart from wayward prejudice, can be advanced against the admission of Red China to the United Nations.” (William H. Chamberlin, Appeasement: Road To War, Pp. 51-2)

87.       “There exists today a sham anti-communist front. What these people who call themselves ‘anti-communist liberals’ and whom sober men more correctly call ‘anti-anti- communists’ are aiming at is communism without those inherent and necessary features of communism which are still unpalatable to Americans. They make an illusory distinction between communism and socialism and—paradoxically enough—look for a support of their recommendation of noncommunist socialism to the document which its authors called The Communist Manifesto. They think that they have proved their case by employing such aliases for socialism as planning or the welfare state. They pretend to reject the revolutionary and dictatorial aspirations of the ‘Reds’ and at the same time they praise in books and magazines, in schools and universities, Karl Marx, the champion of the communist revolution and the dictatorship of the proletariat, as one of the greatest economists, philosophers and sociologists and as the eminent benefactor and liberator of mankind . . . . In short: they pretend to fight communism in trying to convert people to the ideas of the Communist Manifesto.
      “What these self-styled “anticommunist liberals” are fighting against is not communism as such, but a communist system in which they themselves are not at the helm.
What they are aiming at is a socialist, i.e., communist, system in which they themselves or their most intimate friends hold the reins of government . . . .
      “Communism would have today, after the disillusionment brought by the deeds of the Soviets and the lamentable failure of all socialist experiments, but little chance of succeeding in the West if it were not for this faked anticommunism.” (Ludwig von Mises, The Anti-Capitalistic Mentality, P. 110-2)

88.       “What has been ignored is the sympathetic tie between the ultra-Liberals and the Communists. Actually, the ultra-Liberals have always been Socialists at heart. They have been smart enough to know that the times have not yet been ripe for an open avowal of Socialism. They have been willing to bide their time, while moving as fast as possible toward their goal of Socialism. They and the Communists have the same goal, and simply cannot build up any real antagonism. Herein lies the great danger to our traditional freedoms.” (Martin Dies, Martin Dies’ Story, P. 171-2)

89.       “Before reaching the full development of Communism, human society passes through a lower state of Communism, called Socialism—the initial step of Communism. Private ownership of the means of production is destroyed. Socialism opens a clear road for the further progress toward Communist society.” (A. Leontyev, quoted in Martin Dies” Story, P. 24)

90.       “The ‘pseudo-liberal’ and the neo-fascist seek either license or an excess of authority. The ‘pseudo-liberal’ has increasingly conceived committees in the name of defending every freedom, but none to uphold authority. When he has succeeded in lessening freedom by curtailing authority, he has claimed social progress. These self- styled social reformers seek to substitute license ‘for freedom. They have become the ready tools of the communist conspiracy and their refusal to recognize the difference between authority for the common good, and oppression, has aided in making possible an era of communist expansion.
      “To be sure, the ‘pseudo-liberals’ proclaim themselves as anti-communist. They have made efforts in recent years to curtail the Government’s authority to defend our national security. Some of them may be honest and sincere but they are misguided. Others seek the ‘pseudo-liberal’ cloak to conceal more sinister objectives, because deceit is the very essence of communism.” (J. Edgar Hoover, Address, Feb. 22, 1957)

91.       “Our enemies plan in secret, but they have a standard technique for dealing with Americans that has long been obvious to every observer. While the vast majority of Americans are kept, so far as possible, in a state of ignorant complacency and confusion by the lie-machine, conservative and patriotic organizations are destroyed by inciting them to fight one another and by paralyzing each one with internal dissension. That technique has been used for more than forty years, and, without exception until the past few years, accomplished its purpose speedily and infallibly.” (Revilo P. Oliver, American Opinion, March, 1964, P. 68)

92.       “A major effort of the Party in the 1963 fiscal year was the intensification of its drive to destroy or discredit Government agencies and Congressional committees investigating communist activities and to urge repeal of all anticommunist legislation. Communist leaders have chosen the court of public opinion for the battleground in this struggle. They have openly sought public recognition.” (J. Edgar Hover, FBI Annual Report, Fiscal Year 1963, P. 21)

93.       “The one great need in America is truth, and the truth is often unpleasant and unpalatable. The truth is that the Communists have been winning steadily ever since World War II. The truth is that the free world is going to lose to Communism unless the people in the free world are willing to pay the price of survival.
      “The truth is that we are at war and instead of recognizing that fact we are giving constant aid and comfort to our avowed enemy. The truth is that the Communists are playing for keeps. They intend to conquer the world and they will not settle for anything less than complete conquest.” (Martin Dies, Martin Dies’ Story, P. 205)

94.       “We must forge ahead always! Knowledge of the enemy helps develop the wisdom and discernment which are essential if we are to deal with him effectively. We must anticipate his every move and circumvent such moves before he makes them. As a medical man must know the symptoms of an illness before he can diagnose it, the citizen must understand the nature of communism before he can combat it. The task of intellectual leaders today is to make themselves cognizant of the true nature of the communist enemy and to reveal that truth to every citizen. Communism is the natural enemy of the true liberal. It is inherently the enemy of the intellectual. It is the deadly enemy of Christian, Jew, Moslem—of all who believe in the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man. The individual who assumes a cloak of neutrality in the present struggle is neither intellectual nor liberal. He cannot be religious. He is not neutral. At best, he is the dupe of forces which are wholly evil.” (J. Edgar Hoover, The Lion, Oct., 1957)

95.       “The present phase is a preparatory phase for the final battles. The preparation is designed to weaken and disarm us; to undermine our powers of resistance, our intentions, and our resolve; to disintegrate social structures, partly by infiltration, partly by mental disorientation, partly by splitting our larger entities such as, let us say, the Common Market, the British Commonwealth of Nations, NATO, SEATO, and the like; and even to loosen the moral cohesion of individual nations.
      “All this is capped by a major effort on the part of the Soviet bloc to outstrip us in the military, industrial, and technological fields.
      “The goal which they are driving at is essentially this: that sometime in the future, the Western World be split, be undecided, be defeatist, and have no capability of taking proper defensive actions. At that point, the Soviet bloc would have superior military and moral power. Then they would be able to carry through what they set out to do.” (Stefan T. Possony, Language As A Communist Weapon, House Committee On Un-American Activities, P. 24)

96.       “Over a long period of time, any person who is a Communist, any organization that is under Communist control, is detectable from their language except, probably, secret agents, espionage organizations, and the like, which can be detected only by counter intelligence techniques . . . .
      “The Communist character of a person or a magazine can be established also by an analysis of what they don’t say rather than what they say. Communists, generally speaking, will never criticize the Soviet Union or a Communistic party, they will not extol the accomplishments of the American economic system, they will not counsel moderation or objectivity or evolution, and they will rarely fail to lambast one or the other force of ‘reaction’.” (Stefan T. Possony, Language As A Communist Weapon, House Committee On Un-American Activities, P. 30)

97.       “Communism—the scourge of our generation—has not weakened. Its philosophy has not changed. The danger from it has not lessened. At this very moment, the same old communist crowd is doing business at the same old communist stand in the same old subversive way! And we are letting them do it! . . . . Communism cannot change. Should it change, it would cease to be communion . . . . the communist intent to recast the world has not changed, and . . . the line of ‘peaceful coexistence’ which Dictator Khrushchev promotes so ardently is simply a maneuver . . . .” (J.Edgar Hoover, American Legion Magazine, Nov., 1957)

98.       “The minds of young people on college campuses form the soil in which the con spirator is determined to implant seeds from which to reap a communist harvest. The truth about communism will never be learned from a communist. Such a one is an experienced propagandist whose sole objective is concealment of the truth. One does not get the truth about the conspiracy from an alert and sober communist propagandist. Rather, the true intent is detailed in secret or is blurted out in unguarded moments. A Khrushchev threatening, ‘We will bury you!’ is a far more accurate measure of com munist intent than a Khrushchev cooing coexistence!
      “A communist conspirator plotting the destruction of our freedom in the underground would seem to be a long cry from the campus philosopher who propagates collectivism among naive, impressionable minds. Yet how far are they apart? The mind which is truly liberal should be the first to condemn that which is false and hypocritical. Surely nothing can equal the obscene spectacle of the communist corruptionist hiding behind the shield of academic freedom in order to utilize his concealed weapons more effectively in behalf of tyranny!” (J. Edgar Hoover, The Lion, Oct., 1957)

99.       “The known, card-carrying Communist is not our sole menace. The individual whose name does not appear on party rolls but who does the party’s dirty work, who acts as an apologist for the party and who rises in its defense and spearheads its campaigns in numerous fronts, is a greater menace. These are the ‘Communist sympathizers,’ ‘fellow travelers’, and ‘Communist stooges.’ To prove their evil intent is at times difficult but they brand themselves by shifting and turning as the party line changes to meet new situations. Whether they be innocent, gullible, or wilful makes little difference, because they further the cause of Communism and weaken our American democracy.” (J. Edgar Hoover, Newsweek, June 9, 1947)

100.       “As Soviet power grows, there will be a greater aversion to Communist parties everywhere. So we must practice the techniques of withdrawal. Never appear in the foreground; let our friends do the work. We must always remember that one sympathizer is generally worth more than a dozen militant Communists. A university professor, who without being a party member lends himself to the interests of the Soviet Union, is worth more than a hundred men with party cards. A writer of reputation, or a retired general, are worth more than 500 poor devils who don’t know any better than to get themselves beaten up by the police. Every man has his value, his merit. The writer who, without being a party member, defends the Soviet Union, the union leader who is outside our ranks but defends Soviet international policy, is worth more than a thousand party members.” (George Dimitrov, Sec’y General of the Communist International, quoted in HUAC, Annual Report, 1957, P. 2, and in Martin Dies’ Story, P. 259)

101.       “The deception of the non-Communist world is a main objective of their language manipulations. Actually, they do not need to devote much brainwork to this task. Non- Communists are easily deceived, because they rarely bother to get full Communist quotes, usually misunderstand their context, and hardly ever master the Communist jargon. The Communists really are far franker than most people believe. The deception frequently is fabricated by the Western audiences themselves, that is, there is more Western self- deception than Communist deception . . . . To the Communists words are tools to achieve effects, not means to communicate in the search of truth.” (Stefan T. Possony, Language As A Communist Weapon, House Committee On Un-American Activities, P. 22, 28)

102.       “According to Communist doctrine, universal peace can prevail only after the worldwide victory of communism has been accomplished . . . . The significance is that the Communists do not believe that peace, and hence disarmament, are feasible before they have won the world. In fact, in their parlance, total peace is a synonym for communism. But the peace slogan and disarmament policies are being used as part of Soviet strategy to win the struggle against the United States and its allies. Furthermore, the incessant insistence on the blessings of peace is a propagandist detour to enlist new adherents to communism.” (Stefan T. Possony, Analysis of the Khrushchev Speech, Senate Internal Security Subcommittee, P. 21)

103.       “Actually, there is little basic difference between the fascism of Adolf Hitler and the atheistic tyranny practiced behind the Iron Curtain. The Soviet Union and her satellites are a godless dictatorship ruled by warped and twisted minds.” (J. Edgar Hoover, Address, 12/7/61)

104.       "Communism expects to come to power by the surrender of the constitutional forces within the United States. This surrender is to be progressive rather than dramatic, and even its final act may appear as a simple accommodation to the realities of international power so that most people will be unaware that surrender has actually taken place. The function of the American Communist Party will be to exercise administrative power after this accommodation has been reached.
      “The formula of Communist conquest may be expressed, “External encirclement, plus internal demoralization, equals progressive surrender.” The name given to this formula by the Communists is “Peaceful Coexistence’ . . . .
      “Translated into practical measures, this program creates a 3-pronged, Satanic pitchfork for the destruction of the republic. Its elements are: (1) The revolutionary Communist conquest of Asia, Africa, and Central and South America. (2) The neutralization of Western Europe. (3) The isolation and demoralization of the United States.” (Fred Schwarz, Christian Anti-Communism Crusade News Letter, March, 1964)

105.       “Peaceful coexistence’ must not be confused with peace policy. This particular tactic, which has been given its Aesopian name to deceive the free world, is a ‘form of class struggle between socialism and capitalism.’ It is not the whole class struggle but merely one of its manifestations . . . .
      “The purpose of the particular type of class struggle, which is called ‘peaceful coexistence,’ is to stop the cold war; i.e., to induce the free world to discontinue all its programs designed to uphold its interests and to safeguard its security against the Communist onslaught. (Dr. Stefan T. Possony, Analysis of the Khrushchev Speech, Senate Internal Security Subcommittee, P. 37)

106.       “As the No. 1 target of worldwide communism, the United States is the prime objective of Soviet espionage. Soviet defectors are unanimous in stating that between 70 and 80 percent of Russian officials in the United States are members of the Red intelligence services. The importance that the USSR is currently attaching to the value of these intelligence agents is vividly borne out by the sharp increase in the number of Soviet diplomatic personnel assigned to the United States.” (J. Edgar Hoover, Address, June 16, 1959)

107.       “Communist strategy aims to isolate and demoralize the United States. The demoralization will be achieved when the will to resist Communist blackmail is inade quate. This point will be reached when a substantial number of American citizens, particularly the youth, believe that their country no longer merits their death and that an accommodation with Communism is inevitable. This process can be aided and abetted by directing the fears of American citizens against the programs and policies of other American citizens instead of against the all-embracing Communist threat.
      “At selected intervals the American moral fibre will be tested as it was tested in the Cuban missile crisis of October, 1962. When the will to resist, even at the risk of war, is discovered, the Communists make a strategic retreat. They are confident that one of these future tests will reveal an inadequate will. The blackmail of external, encircling forces will be too great for a demoralized people and that an accommodation equating surrender will result.” (Fred Schwarz, Christian Anti-Communism Crusade News Letter, March, 1964)

108.       “With the laws of libel and slander militantly used by subversives, exposures under oath, with safeguards to protect the innocent, are necessary. A private citizen or even a great metropolitan daily paper does not have the facilities to make the investigations. Hence, many exposures can be made only through an official investigating committee possessing the power of subpoena with persuasive facilities such as laws covering perjury and the power to cite for contempt.” (J. Edgar Hoover, U. S. News & World Report, August 11, 1950, P. 33)

109.       “The aims and responsibilities of the House Committee on Un-American Activities and the Federal Bureau of Investigation are the same—the protection of the internal security of this Nation. The methods whereby this goal may be accomplished differ, however.
      “I have always felt that the greatest contribution this committee could make is the public disclosure of the forces that menace America—Communist and Fascist. That is why the venom of the American Communist and the now defunct German-American Bund has been directed at this committee as it has also been directed at the Federal Bureau of Investigation. This committee renders a distinct service when it publicly reveals the diabolic machinations of sinister figures engaged in un-American activities.” (J. Edgar Hoover, The Menace of Communism, House Committee on Un- American Activities, P. 1)

110.       “It is vital to have dedicated anti-Communist groups constantly on the alert warning, informing, and arousing our people. Communism is a deadly disease; it is cruel and devastating. Those who understand this fact find it difficult to be indifferent, or unemotional, or moderate, in dealing with something so horrible and repulsive. It is like expecting a man to pet a rattlesnake. So evil and wicked is Communism that it arouses feelings of disgust and bitter antagonism in every decent person. It is vital for America to know that the effectiveness of any anti-Communist movement can be measured by the extent and intensity of Communist attacks. By his well-validated touchstone, it is obvious that there are a number of highly effective anti-Communist movements today. But their power is being dissipated by the clever divisive tactics of the Communists and the fact that conservatives are rugged individualists by nature. Thus, the enemy has been able to sow confusion, and even cause these groups to tackle each other’s backfield, so to speak.” (Martin Dies, Martin Dies” Story, P. 200)

111.       “Who are these enemies of our Republic? They are the crime syndicates, the narcotics peddlers, the labor racketeers, the unscrupulous businessmen, the corrupt politicians and all others who blatantly defy the laws of the land.
      “They are the hatemongers and the false liberals who would subvert our Constitution and undermine our democratic processes in furtherance of their selfish ends.
      “They are the communists and other subversive elements who wave false banners of legitimacy and patriotism while relentlessly plotting to destroy our heritage of freedom.” (J. Edgar Hoover, Address, 11/16/63)

112.       This Nation was conceived under God and its progress has been under God. There could be no greater disaster for our Nation than that it should deny in any respect, to even the smallest degree, the presence, the power, the guidance, the protection, the instruction of Almighty God.
      “There is unmistakable evidence of divine guidance all through the history of our Nation. We must guard it. We must cherish it. We must revere it. We must work for it.” (J. Edgar Hoover, December 4, 1963)

113.       “The first step in the fight to preserve the American way of life is the exposure of the true aims of Communism and then a contrast of them with our American way of life . . . . We cannot hope successfully to meet the Communist menace unless there is a wide knowledge and understanding of its aims and designs. This knowledge outlaws the party in the hearts and minds of good citizens.” (J. Edgar Hoover, Newsweek, June 9, 1947) [p. 312]

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