The Elders of Israel
and the Constitution

The Elders of Israel and the Constitution


Jerome Horowitz

Copyright © 1991 by
Jerome Horowitz

Previous Edition
Copyright © 1971 by
Jerome Horowitz

Table of Contents

Chapter 1The Constitution and the Prophets1
Chapter 2The Framers' Intent7
Chapter 3The Main Provisions of the Constitution13
Chapter 4The Indispensable Ingredient25
Chapter 5Separation of Church And State33
Chapter 6The Framers' Attitude Toward Political Parties37
Chapter 7Did The Framers Establish a Democracy?43
Chapter 8How Flexible is the Constitution?49
Chapter 9The Lord's Standard of Constitutionality79
Chapter 10The Real Threat Against the Constitution83
Chapter 11Examining Proposed Changes101
Chapter 12The Constitution and Capitalism109
Chapter 13The Constitution and the World129
Chapter 14The Philosophy of Men Against the Wisdom of God153
Chapter 15The Molding of Men's Thinking161
Chapter 16The Forgotten Fundamentals of the Constitution—A Summary167
Chapter 17What Should Latter-day Saints Do?—An Action Program191

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