Prophets, Principles
and National Survival
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Prophets, Principles
and National Survival

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Section IV:
Other National Issues

18.       World Conditions

19.       American Foreign Policy

20.       War and Peace

21.       Mormonism and the Negro

22.       Capital Punishment

23.       Birth Control

We are living in a sick world, in a time when, as we read in the scriptures, the wisdom of the wise shall perish, and the understanding of their prudent ‘men shall be hid. That is the condition of the world today. The leaders of the nations—some of them—desire to do the thing that will benefit their nation or the group they belong to, but selfishness in many cases characterizes their conduct, and the result is that instead of peace we have sorrow and distress.

There is only one way. We can legislate until doomsday but that will not make men righteous. It will be necessary for people who are in the dark to repent of their sins, correct their lives, and live in such a righteous way that they can enjoy the spirit of our Heavenly Father.

President George Albert Smith, CR-10/49:6 [p. 422] [p. 423]

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