Prophets, Principles
and National Survival
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Prophets, Principles
and National Survival

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Section I:
The Church And Society

1.       Prophets and Counsel

2.       Spiritual or Temporal

3.       Standards and Principles

4.       Morality—Spirituality—Religion

5.       Church and State

We refuse to be bound by the interpretations which others place upon our beliefs, or by what they allege must be the practical consequences of our doctrines. Men have no right to impute to us what they think may be the logical deduction from our beliefs, but which we ourselves do not accept. We are to be judged by our own interpretations and by our own actions, not by the logic of others, as to what is, or may be, the result of our faith. We deny that our belief in divine revelation, or our anticipation of the coming kingdom of God weakens in any degree the genuineness of our allegiance to our country.

The First Presidency, 1907, E-10:494 [p. 2] [p. 3]

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